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Full name Walther WA 2000[1]
Country of Origin West Germany[1]
Manufacturer Walther[1]
Artist 多元菌
Voice actor Haruka Tomatsu

WA2000 is an obtainable Tactical Doll in the game.

Weapon Background

Walther WA2000 is a semi-automatic, bullpup configured sniper rifle designed and produced by Carl Walther GmbH Sportwaffen. Designed between 1970s–1980s and produced between 1982-1988, originally designed for and advertised to law enforcement units in response to the 1972 Munich Olympics Massacre.

The primary chambered cartridge is the .300 Winchester Magnum, WA2000 could also chambered for 7.62x51mm NATO and 7.5x55mm Swiss. WA2000 classifies as a gas-operated, rotating bolt action rifle, fires from a closed bolt and uses a bolt with seven locking lugs, it has a two-stage trigger fitted on pistol grip with a thumb hole. Effective fire range is around 700 metres while fed by a 6-round single stack box magazine, a 10-round magazine was made but never used nor exported.

Different from most long rifle snipers, WA2000 was designed from the ground for maximum sniping accuracy/performance, ergonomic/user comfort and concealed/easy carry aspects. The gun itself is centered around the barrel to achieve a compact size, a wooden frame forearm is attached on the bottom to cover the gas cylinder, while an aluminum alloy support beam is located on top. WA2000 is considered to be extremely accurate for a bullpup rifle, the barrel measures up to 650mm of length while the weapon is 905mm. Weights just below 7kg without a scope attached and the weapon unloaded. WA2000 is often seen with a wooden forearm, cheek rest and pistol grip exterior piece, but these pieces can also be made with polymer.

Scopes can be attached on top of the receiver, typically a Schmidt & Bender 2.5–10× telescopic sight. Support bipods are attached on the top support beam, pistol grip piece have an extendable integrated rear monopod. The later produced second generation WA2000 have a reduced length forearm piece and alloy support beam, modified the shape of the pistol grip and cheek rest piece, changed the flash suppressor from a "can" type to a more conventional birdcage style and a modified gas operating mechanism. The second gen rifle is advertised to be more accurate while having a lower recoil.

WA2000 is well known for it's high production cost, due to this WA2000 did not achieve a widespread sale nor did not enter any military service, though a small quantity was used by some German police units. Only 176 units of WA2000 was ever produced, Walther's exquisite craftsmanship made it an extremely rare and valuable collector's rifle, the current price for the rifle range from $40,000 for the first gen and up to $75,000 for the second gen.[1][2]

Character Info


WA2000 is a T-doll around 160cm of body height, she have long straight wine red hair and red coloured pupils.

The artist 多元菌 (Pinyin: Duo-Yuan-Jun) made comments on WA2000's character design on the official Girls Frontline art book:

"There are many German T-dolls with the red/black colour combination, so I decided to try a different combo, I chose yellow/black. (德系通常的红黑有点多的缘故。。所以想尝试一些不同的配色,便使用了黄黑,)".
"The square pattern on her shoulder are inspired from police uniforms, due to this weapon being primarily used by the police in real life. (而间隔格子的花纹主要源自一些警察制服上的花纹,体现现实中多为警用这点。)".
"Easter egg: I heard the first video game WA2000 as a weapon made appearance in was Hitman, so I've decided the tie should at least be red to represent this." (着装彩蛋:因为据说wa2000初次出现在游戏中是在Hitman系列里,于是至少领带特意使用了红色来做neta。)".

Duoyuanjun comments that the weapon case she carries on her costume Prom's Rest Sign is actually a Viola case.

WA2000 carries the first generation of WA2000 rifle in her default art and all of her costumes, as evident from the flash suppressor and the long wooden forearm piece.


Official character description of WA2000 would comment that she have a calmed and focused personality, topped with being a prideful character. She think she is an instrument used for killing, she also pursuits the "The Art of Pure Assassination". She claims she does not wish to get overly attached with emotions, but in truth she is just not very good at being part of a group.

She is by all definitions a tsundere. She is also afraid of ghosts, despite the fact that she is a T-Doll.

The artist Duoyuanjun was interviewed on the 27/10/2016 GF Baidu Tieba forum News magazine, Edition 2-3, where he answered various character setting of WA2000, translated lines are below, original text available in reference section.

WA2000 prefers sweet food, surprisingly she likes black bread.
She likes furry animals, but slightly afraid of large dog breeds, though she is not the type that would uncontrollable approach and pet, but she would attempt to make physical contact, slowly and carefully. Like most people, she would utter strange words uncontrollably when petting animals, which she considers to be embarrassing, so one can rarely see WA2000 pet animals in public. She absolutely cannot stand bugs, she is also the type that gets attacked by birds, so birds are also out of question.
During the summer beach season her skin got turned to a healthy looking tanned colour, it took a lot of time and work to get it back to normal, she intentionally hid herself from the Commander during the period that she was tanned.
WA2000 is absolutely hopeless when it comes to culinary, it doesn't stop her from practicing, it drives her to tears when witnessed the tiny improvement she made after a long period of practice. (And the product falls out of her hand out of happiness...)
She have a tendency of pranking the Commander when she is in an unhappy mood, but the pranks often backfires on her. Such as the one time where she mixed wasabi flavour candy with normal candies and presented them to the Commander, but out of excitement of engaging in a conversation with the Commander and have forgotten all about the candies, she ate the wasabi one. Another time she drank the salted coffee instead of sugared.
She would be jealous upon seeing the Commander being with another T-doll, jealous to a state where the Commander can feel the cold aura she emits, but it wouldn't progress to hatred of the other T-dolls. She deeply cares for her love interest but she isn't very good at verbally expressing herself, daily greetings is enough to make her happy on the inside, the act of further conversing and gifting presents would be the absolute happiness WA2000 could ever hope for.[3][4]


Assume that RF IWS 2000 and the specialized HG team built around her does not exist, WA2000 is the singular highest base DPS output RF type T-doll in the game right now. Being a relatively common 5* unit (At least, more common than IWS...), WA2000 is often found among player's RFHG teams, she is able to provide cool down reduction buff to the tile directly in front of her.

Story Involvement

WA2000 interacted with the story during chapter 1 night missions.

WA2000's costumes Castle Adventure, Snowy Appointment and Ballroom Interlude all described her side story interactions with the Commander during 2016's Messy Halloween, 2016's Tactical Christmas and 2017's Anniversary events.


"This is classified information!"

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Special Delivery to Sector S09

SMG MP5 was tasked with resupply and Intel collection mission into the newly regained Sector S09, one of the informants was WA2000.

Arriving at the first rendezvous point, MP5 reported her progress to both MG MG5 and the Commander, but she is unable to find the informant, MP5 thinks maybe she is hidden somewhere. A voice speaks out from an unknown direction: "Since it is a reconnaissance mission, it's obvious I should be hiding myself.", WA2000's sudden remark gave MP5 a fright, WA2000 reminded MP5 to quiet down, the Ferri units are close by. Soothing MP5's fright, WA2000 exchanged Intel with MP5. Stating that she is currently fine but the battle situation on the other hand, no so much, the sector is swarming with armored Ferri units.

Curious on how MP5 managed to sneaked all the way deep in the territory, MP5 revealed that she was escorted by the local Commander, WA2000's voice raised out of embarrassment upon hearing the Commander being on the channel, MP5 reminded her to quiet down as there are still Ferri units near by. WA2000 formally greeted the Commander, with short and stuttering words, MP5 comments on WA2000's report being short and her red cheeks. WA2000 is even more riled up: "What, I'm not blushing, after all I'm born for the missions, it's normal that I'm not good with words!".

Having acquired the Intel, MP5 presented the supplies AR G36 procured for WA2000, chocolate flavoured ice cream. WA2000 is suddenly excited, but she reminded MP5 that she must not tell anyone because WA2000 consider this hobby of hers being rather embarrassing. MP5 apologized at this point, stating that the communication channel to the Commander was never closed.

Costume story: Castle Adventure

Since G&K is a relatively big military base, when a big festival approaches, a lot of preparations had to be done prior to the carnival, just to ensure everything is proceeding smoothly, ESPECIALLY during this one particular celebration known as Halloween.

The Commander had chosen the most reliable T-doll in G&K to oversee this event, AR Springfield accompanied the Commander to the canteen she was in charge of decorating. He/She was greeted by all the decorations, the eye-catching massive Zombie doll in the middle of the room, the decorated wallpaper and chandelier filled with Halloween spirits, the group of T-doll girls who are currently focused on their pumpkin carvings, even the food bowls are skulls! Recovered from the astonishment, the Commander offered help to finish the remaining decorations in the canteen, while inquiring further arrangements from Springfield.

"Are there any planned activities today then?" The Commander questions, to which Springfield replied that there isn't, she also gone ahead and rejected the 'Free Activities' for individual T-dolls proposed earlier by the Commander, "Re...Rejected...?", Springfield reminds the Commander what happened last year.

Thinking back to the previous Halloween... ...Hmmm, apart from the candy rage and the act of terrifying pedestrians... There were also under-aged drinkings, those Russian girls having a party in the logistic warehouse after the celebration[5], a bunch of chocolate thieves... Those bed sheet ghosts who spooked Kalina so much that she fainted who then tried to escape... And those who tried to release the capture Ferri units to keep them as 'Pets'... "Yeah... Unified activity is a much better idea..."

"Alright, what about the candy distribution? Toffee for HG and SMG dolls?", Springfield moves the subject forward, "Hmmm? Perhaps the Commander already have someone in mind for these candies?". "How about... We give them out as the prize for that planned ghost story contest...", the Commander replies. "Alright then.", Springfield agreed, however her typical sweet smile have just gotten a little bit wolfish.

The Commander did had someone in mind for these candies, a very prideful and socially awkward girl in fact. Someone who is probably too awkward to ask for these candies, but will be feeling sad if the Commander didn't directly approach and offer it to her. Speaking of which... "Yo Commander.", a familiar voice reached the Commander's ears. Looking over to the source, it's WA2000. Well, have to admit she is quite cute today. Yellow short skirt with a pumpkin attached to her back which she carved herself, typical long black stocking goes in a pair of yellow high heels. And for some reason she just have to bring that WA2000 rifle with her, even to the canteen.

WA2000 entered just in time for the Commander to announce the next activity, the additional reward will be these Springfield special toffee candy, "What? WA-chan want to join too?" Springfield asked, while gave the Commander a wink, hinting him/her to catch on to the act. The commander had yet to realise what is about to happen, "Yea WA-chan if you join this activity then we will have full entry!". WA2000 agreed to this without even knowing what the activity is due to her prideful persona. "Alright the ghost story contest entry list is full!", the Commander announces to the entire canteen, the hardworking T-dolls cheered upon hearing this, the replies were mostly positive, except for this unnatural and unfitting scream that came from WA-chan... "G...Ghost stories!? WHEN DID THIS...?!". "Yea, we're giving out the toffee candies as rewards for..." Oh crap "...The ghost story contest".

From the sudden sweat drops on her forehead and her frozen facial expressions, the Commander is suddenly reminded that WA-chan does not do well with ghost stories, Damn it we made the decision already, we just have to force her into this now. "...You're not scared are you...?". "Of... Of course I'm not!!! Gho... Ghost stories are for scaring little kids!" Yea, she is scared alright. The Commander laughs awkwardly, soon he/she noticed an approaching menacing white blob from behind WA-chan while she continues her bravery speech, This cannot end well. "I know it's fake, how can I be scared! Besides, ghost doesn't ex...", "TRICK OR TREAT!", a white ghost suddenly appeared behind WA-chan, robbing her of her rifle and lifted it in the air. WA-chan turned around just to be greeted with HG P7's face from beneath the bed sheet she covered herself with.



Costume story: Snowy Appointment

In the season of love and understanding, the Commander made a promise to attend to a snowy appointment with WA2000.

Christmas is a festival of celebration, but however for a large military base such as G&K HQ to celebrate, a lot of preparations must be done before hands. After checking the base preparation, decorations and gifts, the Commander was about to head off to inspect the food and beverages storage. The Commander came across WA2000 in front of the beverages storage, according to Springfield, WA2000 was in charge of guarding the beverages. WA2000 greeted the Commander and asked why he/she was here, the Commander replied saying that he/she is checking the supply status, WA2000 commented saying that there aren't any needs for that since she is the one on guard here. The Commander insisted to perform the check up as part of his/her duty, "Don't steal any booze ok, even if you are the Commander...", WA2000 is acting a bit strange today, "So in your eyes I'm just an alcoholic?", "No, not at all! I'm just reminding you! Make it quick, I still have work to do.", with this brief exchange of words WA2000 followed the Commander in the storage warehouse.

While checking the logistic list, the Commander noticed five bottles of missing champagnes, when the Commander asked WA2000 about this she replied saying that those were accidentally smashed while the movers move them in the warehouse, she didn't report it to the Commander because she felt like it was too trivial, she was about to into the city and buy them before the Commander showed up. The Commander offered to accompany WA2000 to the liquor shop as an apology for delaying her work, "Well, if you really wanted to, I suppose you can...", WA2000 agreed to this.

The two arrived at the commercial district of the city, making their way down the street, the Commander ponders about WA2000's outfit today. Today she is wearing winter casual wear, no difference from any other teenage girls on the street, except for this massive bag she is carrying on her shoulder. The Commander questions the large luggage, "Unless stated otherwise, us T-dolls are ordered to carry our weapons around at all times!", the Commander points out the excessive size of the baggage probably contains more than her sniper rifle, such as fluffy toys dangling on the outside. "No, don't touch them! Those are just some... Ordinary gifts...", the Commander offers to carry bag for her to reduce her carrying load, but he/she got rejected again, "Hurry up and buy the champagnes, otherwise I'm blaming you when I get scold by Springfield!", hearing this from WA2000, the Commander apologized again and hurried up to the liquor shop.

"I'm keeping this wine label because things from my homeland are rare, I not keeping it for the sake of gratitude to the Commander or anything like that."

Arriving at the shelf, the Commander quickly picked out the correct brand of champagne and placed 5 in the shopping cart, he/she noticed WA2000 lingering at the wine shelf while on the way to the counter, the Commander asks whether there was anything left out on the list. "...Glühwein. This is what they drink during Christmas from my homeland.", hearing this the Commander made a decision, he/she reached for the wine WA2000 set her eyes on and placed it in the shopping cart, "Commander, that isn't on the list.", the Commander replied with "It's on me, I just want to taste this wine, will you share it with me later?", "If you really want to, I suppose I can be convinced to do that...". With that being said, WA2000 pushed the cart to the counter, though her tone of voice sounded neglectful, but the Commander knows she will attend the appointment, evident from that smile he/she saw on WA2000's face as she turned away.

Moments later inside the beverage warehouse, WA2000 on her lone guard duty is reminded of the event that happened earlier that day, regarding the 5 bottles of champagnes and the toughest decision WA2000 ever encountered in her life. "Sigh... They are all so troublesome...", WA2000 speaks to herself with the bottle of glühwein in her hand, earlier that day a couple of naughty T-dolls showed up to the warehouse begging WA2000 to let them have the champagnes, the band of mischief dolls overwhelms WA2000 all at once, "Please, this is an important chain in our grand plan!", "Here, have these, this is our self improved mechanical pets, look how fluffy they are!", "Please WA-chan, just 5 bottles!", "Don't tell anyone!". She could not resist the fluffiness, she gave in, she now stares at her backpack filled with the bribe items, "What to do now, should I tell the Commander about the prank now set in motion by me? Ahh, whatever, if he/she can't handle it he/she wouldn't be the Commander...". She stood up, placed he bottle of glühwein on the desk, "I've been busy all day, I'll consider this wine as my reward... When to open this though... Hmmm, alright, when 'that' time comes."

Later that night, the grand prank was successfully suppressed, the not so fitting Christmas music didn't effect the mood that much, everyone continues to celebrate until mid night. WA2000 approached the Commander, who is sitting in a corner having a break after the long and tiresome day of festival, she is holding two glasses of red liquid, "What's wrong, WA, don't you want to drink with the others?", WA replied saying "You're free now anyway, it's pitiful seeing you all alone, so I shall accompany you for a bit...", WA2000 sat down next to the Commander, the fragrance of the wine spreads fast, "Here you are Sir, as promised earlier.", "Merry Christmas WA.", the two cheers, "...Merry Christmas.".

Costume story: Ballroom Interlude


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Game Data

Chibi image
44(x1)88(x1) / 440(x5)
15(x1) / 55(x5) 30(x1) / 90(x5)
47 130
4 30
10 82
Rate of Fire
 Rate of Fire
26 39
Movement Speed
 Move Speed
Critical Hit Rate
 Crit. Rate
Critical Hit Damage
 Crit. Damage
Armor Penetration
 Armor Pen.
Icon slot Accessory.png Icon Telescopic Sight S 2star.png Icon Holographic Sight S 2star.png
Icon Red Dot Sight S 2star.png Icon Night Combat Equipment S 2star.png
Icon Silencer S 2star.png
Icon slot Magazine.png Icon Armor-Piercing Ammo S 2star.png Icon Status Ammo S 2star.png
Icon Shotgun Ammo S 2star.png
Icon High-Velocity Ammo S 2star.png
Icon slot Doll.png Icon Microchip S 2star.png Icon Exoskeleton S 2star.png
Icon Ballistic Plate S 2star.png Icon Camo Cape S 2star.png
Icon Ammo Box S 2star.png
Affects handguns
Reduce skill cooldown by 18%

Obtainable as a battle reward from chapter 0-4 on top of available from production.


Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Acquisition WA2000。指挥官,你就乖乖看着吧,别当我的绊脚石就行了。 私の名前はワルサーWA2000。指揮官、私の足を引っ張ったら承知しないわよ。Play (CN)My name is WA2000. Commander you just stand a side and look, and don't get in my way.

(Jp)My name is WA2000. Commander, I won't let you off if you get in my way!

Introduction WA2000狙击步枪。注意,我可不是那种拿猎枪改造而成的狙击枪,而是完全专门为狙击手设计的武器。由于追求极致的狙击艺术,而在当时拥有着顶尖的射击精度。也因此造价十分昂贵……本来嘛,我就是为了成为精英而诞生的! WA2000 sniper rifle here. Pay attention, I’m not some hunting-rifle-modified-sniper-rifle, I'm designed exclusively for sniper. Aiming for the apex of sniping art, I had highest fire accuracy at that time, which resulted in high manufacturing cost… Of course, I was born to be elite!
Secretary 真是笨呢,要是真的讨厌你,就不会和你说话了。 馬鹿ね、本当に嫌いだったら、口にも闻いてあげないわよ。Play (CN)Idiot... If I really hated you, then I wouldn't be speaking to you.

(JP)Idiot... If I really hated you, then I wouldn't be listening to you.

听好了!别随便叫我的名字,也别用手随便碰我的枪! いい?気安く私の名を呼ばないで、汚らし手で私の铳に触れるのはやめて顶戴!Play (CN)Listen up! Don't just randomly call my name, and don't randomly touch my gun!

(JP)Listen up! Don't call my name so casually! And stop touching my gun with such filthy hands!

诶?脸红?还不是今天有点热!别会错意了啊! え?颜が赤い?だって今日は暑いから、勘违いしないでよね!Play Eh? My face is red? It's because... Today's a bit hot! Don't get the wrong idea!
Secretary (post OATH)
What else needs to be done? Having valuable me busying all day, shouldn’t you repay me well after work?
I'm a tool created solely for the purpose of killing, and I've never thought about anything else besides that. Commander, are you sure you want me by your side? Hmm...with this, perhaps I'll become even more perfect...
Greeting 你又上哪去了?就这么不想看到我的脸吗? あんた、どこ行ってたのよ。そんなに私の顔が見たくないの?Play Hey, where did you go!? Do you really dislike seeing my face that much!?
T-Doll Produced 哼~没见过的新面孔呢,是新人么? うん~?見慣れない顔が来たわね,新入りかしら?Play Hmm? There's a face I don't recognize. A newcomer?
Joining an echelon 就算你不说,我也会来的,还不快感谢我。 言われなくでも出てあげるわよ、感謝しなさいよね。Play I'd sortie even if you didn't tell me to. You should be thankful.
Enhancement 我本人都亲自过来给你道谢,你就心怀感激的收下吧。 この私があんたにお礼を言うんだから、こ...心して受けなさいよね。Play I, of all people, am giving you my gratitude. So you better accept it from the bottom of your heart.
Dummy-linking 编制扩大?嘛,一次的话也不是不行。 編成拡大?まあ、一回ぐらいはいいでしょう。Play Squad reinforcement? Well, I guess one more wouldn't hurt.
Logistics (start) 哼,好吧,我干给你看。 ふん~!いいわ、やってあげる。Play Hmph, fine then, I'll do it.
Logistics (end) 我回来了,这不是理所当然的么? 無事に帰ってきたのよ。当然でしょう。Play We came back safe. Wasn't it natural?
Autobattle 这里的敌人,就让我来杀个清光吧。 ここの敵は、私が皆殺しにしてあげるわ。Play I shall slaughter the enemies here!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Starting a combat mission 嗯…出击?嘛,也没啥不好的。 うん~出撃?まあ、いいんじゃない。Play Hmm? A sortie? Well, that's fine.
Starting a battle 总感觉,想起了一张让人火大的脸。 なんか...ムカつく顔を思い出した...Play I think I was reminded of an irritating face...
Skill activation 别妨碍我! 邪魔しないで!Play Get out of the way!
接下来会死的轮到你们了! 次に死ぬのは,アンタ達の番よ!Play You'll be the ones next to die!
我是为了杀戮而生的。 私は、殺しのためだけに生まれてきたの!Play I was only born to kill!
Heavily damaged 笨蛋……才不想被你担心呢…… バカ...あんたに心配されたくないわよ...Play Idiot, I don't want you to be worried over me...
Retreat 那个……抱歉。 その...ごめんなさい。Play Um... I'm sorry...
MVP 看吧,记得感谢我哦。 ほら、感謝しなさいよ。Play See? You'd better be thankful.
Restoration 切,就算我变得坦率了,也还是会被小看的啊。 ちっ!素直な私でも、軽く見られてしまうね...Play Tch, I'd get looked down on even if I was honest.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Halloween 噫!才没有害怕呢!哇!别拿着南瓜头过来! ひいぃぃ!べ、別に怖がって無いわよ!ひいやあああ!カボチャ頭持ってくんな!Play Hyiii!! It-it's not like I'm scared! Hyaaahh!! Don't even bring that Jack O' Lantern near me!
Christmas 反正你现在闲着吧,一个人看着太可怜了,稍微陪陪你吧…… あんた、どうせ暇でしょう、一人じゃ可哀想だから、付き合ってあげるわ。Play You're free now anyway, it's pitiful seeing you all alone, so I shall accompany you for a bit...
New Year's Day 新年ぐらいは挨拶してあげるわ、あっあけましておめでとう。何よ、文句でもあるの?


I'll at least give you my New Year's greetings. H-Happy New Years! ...What? Do you have something against that?
Valentine's day たまたま余ったチョコよ!要らないなんてぬかしたら承知しないから。


Here, this is just some leftover chocolate. I won't let you off if you say you don't need it!


  • WA2000 was the only none HK made T-doll to appear during chapter 1 night mission.
  • Aside from Hitman, WA2000 also made an appearance in the 15th installation of 007 film, The Living Daylight.


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  5. Furniture set Payday have a wall decoration of a car ramming in from outside the walls, this furniture's description stated that AR AK-47 and her gang actually managed to do something similar, though that happened on Christmas Eve, still it does serve as a reminder of what drunken Russian T-dolls are capable of.

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