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General info[edit]

  • Given name: 麗奈 (Reina)
  • Family name: 上田 (Ueda)
  • Birthday: Jan 17, 1994
  • Birthplace: Toyama Prefecture, Japan

Known for roles such as Kousaka Umi in [email protected] Million Live, Sakura Hane in Bakuon!!, Shinjou Akane in SSSS.Gridman, Snow White in SINoALICE, Eri Aimi in Magia Record, Pengy in Granblue Fantasy, Aoi in Dragalia Lost, Izumo and Emile Bertin in Azur Lane and Noshiro in Abyss Horizon.

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Ueda Reina worked on following T-Dolls[edit]

Thumb button.pngCarcano M1891197 Thumb button.pngCarcano M91∕38198 

Ueda Reina worked on following other characters[edit]

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