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I'm just another Commander trying to make his mark on the world.

Anyways, I try to hard-translate early CN quotes and JP voiceovers using translators and whatnot. Nothing special; and not it any particular order. If a new voice pack is added to a new T-doll, I usually try my best to get a decent translation out of what is posted if the mods and admins haven't already done it. Some of the Japanese quotes are missing random parts of the sentences, so some of what I translate is a modest and speculative attempt at filling in Google's translation gaps. My own ability to understand Japanese without accompanying script is rather shaky, so I thank you for your patience.

As some of the older dolls have had their lines for a while now, I'll also look around and try to find translations that need proofreading and simple cleanup.

Cheers and happy hunting. (*・ω・)ノ