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This article is a work in progress. Additional information will follow soon.

Below will be a drop table showcasing all possible T-Doll drops as well as Equipment Drops in every map that is currently accessible within Girls Frontline, this drop table will primarily focus on the CN/TW/KR Servers, however some EN/JP only drops may be listed if the relevant information is found.

Here is a Legend for your convenience:

Icon Description
All Drops all T-Dolls/Equipment of this rarity.
Boss Unit only drops from the biggest threat of the map and NO OTHER ENEMY.
Original This unit in particular originally dropped from this event, use only for new T-dolls who make their debut in a Major Event.
Limited Unit only drops from a specific set of enemies, including the boss.
This automatically applies to T-Dolls/Equipment of 3* and 4* Rarity unless specified otherwise.
This can also be used for T-dolls who were temporarily obtainable during events they were not originally from, such as SG M1887Thumb button.pngM1887  being obtainable during Singularity.
Server (CN/EN/JP) Unit only drops from a specific server.
- No T-doll/Equipment of this class/rarity drops in this map.

Operation Rabbit Hunt[edit]




Glory Day[edit]