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May 29th[edit]

00:00am UTC-8 ~ 06:00am UTC-8

  • New T-Dolls:
  1. 5 Star ARs: Type 95, Type 97.
  2. 5 Star SMGs: Gr G36C, SR-3MP.
  3. 5 Star RF: M99.
  4. 3 Star AR: ASh-12.7 (June Daily Login Event)
  • The 5 Star dolls above have a time-limited rate-up in T-Doll Production from May 29th (after maintenance) to May 30th 23:59.
  • Shop Additions:
  1. Half Price Manpower/Ammo/Ration/Parts/Contract Packages will be available from May 29th - Jun 4th 23:59 UTC-8.
  2. June Daily Special Offer Package: Item Basic Training Data.png*600, Item Intermediate Training Data.png*300, Item Advanced Training Data.png*150, Item Dummy Core.png*1.
  • Adjusted the displayed names of some T-Dolls.
  • Trimagic Square phase 2 is released.

Maintenance Reward: Icon manpower.png*500, Icon ammo.png*500, Icon ration.png*500, Icon parts.png*500

May 22nd[edit]

00:00am UTC-8 ~ 06:00am UTC-8

  1. End of Event: Heart to Heart
  2. "Trimagic Square" will commence. Event period: May 22nd after maintenance - Jun 11th 23:59 UTC-8. Complete the corresponding missions in each phase to accumulate event points and unlock generous rewards including the 5-star HG T-Doll HG Five-seveNThumb button.pngFive-seveN .
  3. The special event for Combat Simulation will end. The respective Combat Simulations will return to their normal pattern of being opened on certain days. The schedule is as follows:
    • Capsule Mose is open every Monday, Thursday and Sunday
    • Data Mode is open every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday
    • Exp Mode is open every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday
  4. New items: Time-limited Re-Supply "Prairial's Allure" will commence. Period: May 22nd after maintenance - Jun 11th 23:59 UTC-8. Two furniture sets: "Moonlight Ball" and "City Studio" as well as fice "Prairial's Allure" costumes: 416's "Starry Cocoon", Springfield's "Queen in Radiance", WA200's "Ballroom Interlude", M940A's "Concert Diva" and M1918's "Tender Nocturne" will be added to Re-supply.
  5. New items: Skorpion's and Mosin-Nagant's costume packages will be available in the Shop for a limited time.

Maintenance Reward: 500 Manpower, Ammo, Ratio and Parts.

May 14th[edit]

V2.008 Update:

  1. Fixed: Malfunction of the User Agreement notice when the application is started for the first time. (For iOS client only)
  2. Fixed: Display of conditions to unlock certain functions in the game.
  3. Fixed: Abnormal text in push notifications.
  4. Fixed: Abnormal display of purchased Gem amount on the 7-Day Frontline Supplies event page.
  5. Fixed: Abnormal display of level requirement for high rarity equipment.
  6. Improved: Issue with the size of the Switch button in battle.
  7. Improved: Incomplete names for certain Combat Missions.
  8. Improved: Server queue architecture. Login requests will not be stuck in the queue anymore.

May 11th[edit]

V2.007 Update:

  1. Fixed: Malfunction of the Facebook login (For iOS client only)
  2. Fixed: Malfunction of the User Agreement notice

May 7th[edit]

Open Beta Test Client (V2.006_196) Launch.

  1. New Event: 50,000 Preregistration Event
  2. New Event: Heart to Heart