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February 21st[edit]

10:00 GMT+8 ~ 17:00 GMT+8

Dear players, a 6 hour scheduled server maintenance will take place on the 21st of February 2019, lasting from 10:00 AM til 5:00 PM. Access to the server will be denied while maintenance is ongoing, maintenance duration is subject to extension or shortening depending on work progress.

Patch notes as following:

  1. Event: The Procurement Pool Contending Beauties will come to an end, All white tickets obtained by rolling the pool will be converted to Procurement coinsItem Token.png at a 1.1 ration upon closure of the procurement pool.
  2. Event: Major Event Isomer has come to an end, for commanders who have yet to open their lootboxes or redeemed their True Core Mask, you have 1 week to do so. be sure to check the Event banner to redeem your obtained lootboxes and the Event Tab in Kalina's shop to redeem your core mask assuming you completed Isomer.
  3. Event: The 2017 Wedding Dresses Procurement pool will begin their re-run, the Wedding Dress for the following T-dolls will be temporarily added to the Radiant Collection as well as having their respective furniture sets rates increased:
    • RF Lee-EnfieldThumb button.pngLee-Enfield  - "Lifelong Protector (Live2D)"
    • AR FALThumb button.pngFAL  - "The Big Day"
    • HG P7Thumb button.pngP7  - "Pinky Swear"
    • HG TokarevThumb button.pngTokarev  - "A Couples Journey"
    • SMG PPSh-41Thumb button.pngPPSh-41  - "Moment of Vows"
    • Procurement Duration: February 21st 17:00 ~ March 7th 10:00
  4. Event: The 2018 Wedding Dresses Procurement pool will begin their re-run, The Wedding dresses for the following T-dolls will be temporarily added to the Radiant Collection as well as having their respective furniture sets rates increased:
    • SMG ViviThumb button.pngVivi  - "Love is Blind"
    • HG Fen-FenThumb button.pngFen-Fen  - "Smile of Acceptance"
    • AR Type 56-1Thumb button.pngType 56-1  - "As One, Forever Entwined"
    • SMG MP5Thumb button.pngMP5  - "A Small Step"
    • RF SV-98Thumb button.pngSV-98  - "Piercing your Heart"
    • Procurement Duration: ??? (Devs didn't specify)
  5. Event: Special Rescue Event will begin! for a limited time, defeat bosses from Chapters 1 ~ 6 for a chance to obtain an elite T-doll starting on the 25th of the February, The T-dolls and the maps they drop on are as follows:
    • SMG PP-19Thumb button.pngPP-19  - Drops from Scarecrow (1-6 and 1-4E)
    • HG ThunderThumb button.pngThunder  - Drops from Executioner (2-6 and 2-4E)
    • HG SPP-1Thumb button.pngSPP-1  - Drops from Hunter (3-6 and 3-4E)
    • RF BallistaThumb button.pngBallista  - Drops from Intruder (4-6 and 4-4E)
    • RF SRSThumb button.pngSRS  - Drops from Destroyer (5-6 and 5-4E)
    • AR AUGThumb button.pngAUG  - Drops from Alchemist (6-6 and 6-4E)
    • Event Duration: February 25th 00:00 ~ March 3rd 23:59.
  6. Event: Kalina's got an offer you cant refuse, Monthly Gem Card subscriptions will give double Gems from the 23rd of February to 1st of March.
  7. Fix: Adjusted HG Fen-FenThumb button.pngFen-Fen 's Live2D costume.
  8. Fix: Fixed an issue where Golyats wouldn't die after exploding (if they lost their target during the animation).
  9. Fix: Corrected CD limit issues for Skills.
  10. Fix: Adjusted HG HS2000Thumb button.pngHS2000 's skill so that it procs HG PythonThumb button.pngPython 's passive properly.

Maintenance will shut-down the on-going combat mission session.

Maintenance compensation: Icon manpower.pngx500, Icon ammo.pngx500, Icon ration.pngx500, Icon parts.pngx500

-MICA Team 20th of February 2k19.