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Type 97 Shotgun Quotes

Base Voice lines[edit]

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Acquisition 97式霰弹枪,报到!长官,很荣幸在这里追随您,今后请让我多多出场吧! あたしは97式ショットガン!指揮官に従うことができて光栄です。今後もどんどんあたしを使ってください!Play I'm Type 97 Shotgun! I'm honored to be able to follow you, commander. Please use me through and through!
Secretary 长官,要出发吗?随时找我啊。 指揮官、そろそろ出撃ですか?あたしが同伴しますよ。Play Commander, are you going to sortie soon? I'll going with you.
偶尔的和平也不错啊,只是,不会持续多久吧… この平和な日常が長く続くといいですね。Play It would be nice if this peaceful day continues.
长官,有什么想法就直说呗,一直保持这个气氛…挺奇怪的吧… 指揮官、空気が重いよ!言いたいことがあればちゃんと言ってよね。Play Commander, the atmosphere is heavy! If you want to say something just say it.
Secretary (post OATH)
长官,一直以来与您并肩作战,您的心意我早就知道了。不过,您这样光明正大地说出来… 意外地不好意思呢。总之…先陪我出去走走,怎么样?
 I've realized your feeling since long time ago. But having you say it directly like this is kind of embarrassing. How about taking a walk with just the two of us?
Greeting あっ、指揮官ですか?今日も平和で何よりです。それでも周囲を警戒しないとね。Play Ah, is it you commander? Today is peaceful as always. But we should stay vigilant.
T-Doll Produced 新しい隊員がきましたね。Play A new member is coming.
Joining an echelon わかりました、みんなを守るよ!Play Understood, I'll protect everyone!
Enhancement この力、大切にします!Play This power, I'll treasure it!
Dummy-linking 正義の力がみなぎった!指揮官、誇ってもいいですよ~。Play
Logistics (start) あたしが守るから、きっとだいじょーぶ!Play I'll protect everyone, it would be fine!
Logistics (end) 無事帰りました。あたしがいれば心配する必要ないわよ。Play I've returned safely. There's no need to worry when I'm around.
Autobattle もう怖くないよ、あたしがいるから!Play There's nothing to be scared of, because I'm here!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Starting a combat mission 出撃だ、勝利への道を切り開く!Play It's time for sortie! Let's carve a path to victory!
Starting a battle 命知らずめ、かかってこい!Play How reckless, bring it on!
Skill activation そこで止まりなさい!Play Stop right there!
あたしはあなたたちと違うのよ!Play I'm different with you!
Heavily damaged わ…わたしにかまわないで!物資を守って!Play D-don't mind me! Protect the supplies!
Retreat これは一時的な結果にすぎません…だから、諦めないでください!Play This is just temporary result... so please don't give up!
MVP あたし達の道を阻むものは消しました。つまり、勝利です!Play Everything that hampered our path has disappeared. In other words, it's our victory!
Restoration 無茶なんてしてないよ…。Play I'm not being unreasonable...

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Halloween こんな浮かれてイベントやってて大丈夫なのかなって気持ちもあるんだけど。たまには息抜きも大事よね。みんなの為にお菓子ちゃんと用意しんたんだから。Play It's good to enjoy an event like this. Once in a while, taking a breather is important. I've prepared candies for everyone as well.
Christmas これがクリスマスなの。全然「…」及ばないよね。Play
New Year's Day 指揮官明けましておめでとうございます。新年のご挨拶は短くおねがいね、うふふ。スプリングフィールドさんの手料理を早く食べたいんだもん。


Commander, Happy New Year. Make your new year greeting short, ufufu. I want to quickly eat Springfield's handmade cooking.
Valentine's day あたし遠回りが嫌い。だからあたしのチョコ受け取ってください!


I hate being roundabout. That's why, please take this!
Tanabata 満点な空に沢山の星…綺麗よね。短冊も書いたし、笹にも吊るしたし。あとは願い事叶う待つだけね。


Also I give this starry sky a perfect score... since it's so beautiful. Also I have wrote my wish and hang it on the bamboo. All you have to do is waiting for your wish to come true.