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Type 97130
Full name QBZ-97 (Type-97 Firearm Rifle Automatic)
Chinese name 97式自动步枪(QBZ 枪-步-自动)
Country of Origin People's Republic of China
Manufacturer Norinco
Artist 木shiyo
Voice actor Ayane Sakura

Type 97 is an obtainable Tactical Doll in the game.

Weapon Background

The current main service rifle of the Chinese People's Liberation Army/Law enforcement units the QBZ-95 had many derived products and variants, one of which is the QBZ-97, a model developed for export. The two rifles are commonly refer to as Type 95 and Type 97 to indicate their year of development completion/service entered.

Type 97 is a selective fire, bullpup configured assault rifle that operates on the same principle as Type 95, gas operated, short-stroke piston, rotating bolt operation. Brass ejects from the right, charge handle is located on top of the receiver below the carrying handle, the gun frame itself is made from Industrial grade polymers. QBZ-97 is able to reach a rate of fire of 650 rounds per minute, effectively cover 400 metres of firing range.

Type 95 is chambered for the Chinese servicing 5.8x42mm calibre, Type 97 however was developed for export into nations that prefer using the 5.56x45mm calibre, it had several distinctive adjustments made to cope with the firing of 5.56x45mm NATO. 5.56 NATO have a higher average chamber pressure than the 5.8, to ensure stable performance, adjustment was made to the gas cylinder diameter, volume and position. Empty brass ejection force of the 5.56 is also significantly larger, the brass ejection mechanism has also been reworked to compensate for this.

Other minor feature change includes a differently designed muzzle and adjusted magazine well to accept STANAG magazines. Later production variants of Type 97 would feature a three round burst fire mode that can be found on Type 95, on top of semi and fully automatic firing. Additional Picatinny rail placements can be found on the weapon to fit combat accessories and further improve the weapon's commercial appeal to the buyer country.[1][2]

Character Info


In game art of QBZ-97, her is using the QBZ-97 FTU (Flat Top Upper). This modification was introduced after complaints made by users regarding the carrying handle having difficulties mounting foreign optics, FTU modification removed the top carrying handle completely, changed the top receiver charging handle to a horizontal non-reciprocating handle, a long Picatinny rail placement was also added on top for better optic/accessory compatibility.



Game Data

Chibi image
58(x1)116(x1) / 580(x5)
20(x1) / 60(x5) 20(x1) / 60(x5)
19 54
6 46
10 51
Rate of Fire
 Rate of Fire
48 72
Movement Speed
 Move Speed
Critical Hit Rate
 Crit. Rate
Critical Hit Damage
 Crit. Damage
Armor Penetration
 Armor Pen.
Icon slot Accessory.png Icon Telescopic Sight S 2star.png Icon Holographic Sight S 2star.png
Icon Red Dot Sight S 2star.png Icon Night Combat Equipment S 2star.png
Icon Silencer S 2star.png
Icon slot Magazine.png Icon Armor-Piercing Ammo S 2star.png Icon Status Ammo S 2star.png
Icon Shotgun Ammo S 2star.png
Icon High-Velocity Ammo S 2star.png
Icon slot Doll.png Icon Microchip S 2star.png Icon Exoskeleton S 2star.png
Icon Ballistic Plate S 2star.png Icon Camo Cape S 2star.png
Icon Ammo Box S 2star.png
Affects submachine guns
Increases rate of fire by 10%
Increases evasion by 18%

Obtainable from crafting only.


Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Acquisition 国产97式,申请加入。您就是我的新长官吧,95姐也在你这里吗? 中国産97式アサルトライフルが着任しました。あなたがわたしの指揮官さまね、95式お姉ちゃんもここにいるの?Play Chinese made Type 97, requesting entry. You're my new Commander right, is sis 95 also here?
Introduction 国产97式,虽说看起来,和95年的老姐差别不算大,但子弹就完全不同哦,因为要出口嘛。其实……也不是不喜欢家里,但是都这个时代了,总得去外面看看吧,我也是职责在身啊。 Domestically made Type 97, might not look very different from 95-sis, but the bullet calibre is completely different alright, it is for export after all. Well... It's not like I don't like it back home, but in this era we really should go and see the outside world, I have a duty after all.
Secretary 长官,该出发了吧?外面的世界很棒啊! 指揮官さま、一緒に外出しましょうよ!外のほうが楽しいんだぁ~。Play Commander let's go already, the outside world is really great~!
这个感觉……不是老姐吧?哼,果然是长官啊。 えっ…お姉ちゃんじゃないよね!?指揮官さまのバカ!驚かさないでよ。Play This feeling... Doesn't feel like big sis? Hmmm, it was the Commander after all!
干嘛呀,长官,这样一来老姐又要怪我啦!真是的,所以我才想往外跑啊! 家にいるとずっとお姉ちゃんに説教されるから、外で遊びたいんだよぉー。Play Stop that Commander, big sis is gonna moan at me again! This is exactly why I don't want to stay at home!
Secretary (post OATH)
Commander! That last place you picked was super interesting, big sis was happy too, let all go together again next time!
What's going on Commander? I haven't been running around today... Eh? Really? Ehh... How can I explain this to big sis... Ah no, I'm happy that you've chosen me, but you have to come together with me to explain this to big sis now...
Greeting 早,长官,今天老姐没来吧?(松一口气)太好啦,终于自由啦! 指揮官さま、おはよう!お姉ちゃんはまだきてない?ホッ…よかった、わたしは自由だ~。Play Mornin' Commander, is big sis with you? (Pheww) Aww finally, I'm free at last!
T-Doll Produced 新的玩伴来了,是谁呀!? 新しい遊び仲間がきた~。誰だろう?Play A new friend is here, who might it be?
Joining an echelon 有我在的话就没什么好怕的了。 あたしがいれば百人力だよ。Play There's nothing to be afraid of with me here.
Enhancement 对!就等这个了,谢啦! やったー!これを待ってたんだ~ありがとう!Play Yeah! Was waiting for this, thanks!
Dummy-linking 哦哦哦哦!这么多我,连老姐也分不出来谁是谁了吧? うおおおお、分身(ダミー)がいっぱい!さすがのお姉ちゃんも見分けが付かないだろうな。Play Oooohhhh! With this many me, even big sis won't be able tell which one is the real me right?
Logistics (start) 啊……大千世界,我来啦! あぁぁ…美しい大自然よ…あたしを待っててね。Play Ahh... The beautiful outside work, I'm coming!
Logistics (end) 我回来了,我有好好遵守门禁的。 ただいま、門限ぐらいはちゃんと守れるよ。Play I'm back, I've been following the rules alright.
Autobattle 要好好工作哦。 仕事はちゃんとするよPlay Work hard while I'm away ok?

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Starting a combat mission 太好了!有了任务的话,就能到外面去了! やったぁ!任務とはいえ、外出できるね!Play Yay! With a mission assigned, I can explore the outside world!
Starting a battle 那些家伙妨碍到我玩了,“啪啪”的结束掉他们吧。 やつらは遊びの邪魔ね。パパっと終わらせるわ。Play These guys are in the way of me having fun, I'm gonna end them like "pew pew".
Skill activation 接下来是我的showtime! あたしのショータイム~。Play Now it's my show time!
为了胜利! 勝利のために!Play For victory!
好歹在大家面前,让我表现一下啊! みんなの前でカッコつけちゃお!Play Since it's in front of everyone, I will show you what I've got!
Heavily damaged 糟啦糟啦!这回……又要被老姐说了! やばいやばい、またお姉ちゃんに説教される…。Play Aww crap! I'm gonna get a mouth full from big sis again for this...
Retreat 惨了惨了,要是被老姐知道,基本就是家长会之后的下场吧…… お姉ちゃんに知られたら…一旦退くねっっPlay Oh no, I'll be in a lot of trouble if sis knows about this...
MVP 老姐看到了吗?这种程度很轻松的啦~。 お姉ちゃん見てた?こんなの楽勝だよぉ~。Play Big sis did you see that? This kind of difficulty isn't a problem at all~
Restoration 我知道了....老姐,下次会小心的。 わかったよ、お姉ちゃん…今度は気を付けるよPlay Alright I know... I'll be careful next time sis alright?

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Halloween 啊!我期待这一晚很久啦!既能闹个痛快,又能靠装扮躲避老姐,真是太完美啦! やった!一年間この日をずっと待ってたんだ!ハロウィンって楽しいお祭りだよね!Play Ohh! I've waited so long for tonight! I can play to my heart's content while evading big sis with the costumes, this is perfect!
Christmas メリクリスマス!指揮官様はどうせお姉ちゃんに言われてあたしのストーカーしてるんでしょう。ほんっとにお姉ちゃんは厄介だよ。Play
New Year's Day 新年だよー!ほら、お姉ちゃんからもらったお年玉だよ!毎年この日だけはお姉ちゃんがお姉ちゃんで良かったって思う。


Valentine's day 指揮官様が持ってのはお姉ちゃんからの?お姉ちゃんのセンスほんっとにダサいよね。あたしのは外国産の高級品よ、めったに手に入らないものなんだから、ひひひん…。




  1. Wikipedia of the Type 97
  2. Fire Arms World entry of Type 97

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