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Type 59 Quotes

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Acquisition 您就是长官吧, 我是59式, 今后嘛, 请多多关照! あなたが私の指揮官ですね。59式よ~ 今後もよろしくね~。Play So you are my commander. I'm Type 59~ Hereafter please look after me.
Introduction 根据马卡洛夫手枪进行仿制的国产59式,就是我啦。原本打算当作防身武器来用的,结果因为各种原因,一年后就停产了。哎呀,正所谓世事难料啊……
Secretary 长官,什么事啊? 指揮官さま、どうしたの?Play Commander, what's the matter?
一直看着我做什么啊,我没偷吃什么东西啊,真的! 盗み食いはやってないってば!ほ、ほんとうよ!Play I'm not trying to steal some food! T-that's true!
马卡洛夫?……没看到啊,不然让我陪您玩吧,长官! マカロフちゃんはここにいないよ~ 遊びなら59式に任せてよ、指揮官さま!Play Makarov is not here~ If you want to play, leave it to me!
Secretary (post OATH)
Commander, Commander! Where should we go next time? The outside world is really awesome! I still want to see and experience many many more places!
Commander, even if I look like this, I keep doing my best. That's why... eh? That's not what you mean? Are you fine with me? I love you too, commander~
Greeting 今日は59式の当番よ~ 指揮官様、一緒に遊ぼうね~。Play Today is my duty~ Commander, let's play together~
T-Doll Produced 新しい仲間ね!ますます賑やかになったわね!Play New comrade! It got more lively!
Joining an echelon やった~やっと59式の出番だ~~。Play Hooray~ It's finally my turn~
Enhancement うひひひ~ マカロフちゃんとちょっと違うでしょう?Play Ehehe, I'm quite different from Makarov right?
Dummy-linking おおおおぉ、59式の量産化がキタね、もっと頑張らなくちゃ!Play Oooh, I'm coming from mass production. I'll try harder!
Logistics (start) 後方勤務なら59式に任せてね、一番得意よ。Play If it coming to secret work, leave it to me. I'm the best at it.
Logistics (end) ほら、59式の成果をみてみて。Play Hey, look at my result.
Autobattle 59式がいれば、もう心配する必要はないよ。Play If I'm there, you shall not worry.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Starting a combat mission 新しい作戦だ~ ひと暴れしましょう~ うひひひ~。Play It's new operation~ Let's get ramped up~ Ehehehe~
Starting a battle 敵が正面からきたね!Play Enemy coming from the front!
Skill activation きみに決めた!Play I choose you!
こっちにおいで~。Play Come here~
いいぞ、もっと59式を崇(あが)めてもいいよ~Play Good, you can flatter me more~
Heavily damaged いやだいやだいやだ!せっかく59式の出番なのに…。Play Nooo, even though it's my turn...
Retreat 59式はただ経験不足だっただけよ。子供扱いしないでよ…!Play I'm just lack of experience. Please don't treat me like a kid!
MVP えへへへ、59式が頑張ったよ。皆、おつかれ!Play Ehehehe, I'm doing my best. Good work everyone!
Restoration うぐぅ… これで59式も努力していることがハッキリしたね。後は頼んだよ、えへへ。Play Ugh... with this my effort is clearly bear fruit. I'll leave the rest to you. ehehe.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Halloween 虽然是洋人的节日,不过有好吃的糖果还真不错啊……诶?这些糖是用来送人的吗? 外国人の風習のとは言え、美味しいお菓子が食べれる悪くないね!え、このお菓子は誰がくれたんだ?Play It's not that bad to eat sweets from foreigner customs. Eh, Who brought this sweets?
Christmas 噂のクリスマスが来た!ええと、楽しく過ごしましょ!Play The rumoured Chirstmas is coming! Umm, let's enjoy it!
New Year's Day 新年だよ!新年だよ!お年玉の出費が大変だよ!指揮官様、助けて!


New year! It's new year! The expense for new year money is tough! Commander, save me!
Valentine's day 外国人の風習はちょっとなれないよ。手作りチョコって難しいよ。


I can't really follow foreigner customs. Handmade chocolate is difficult to make.
Tanabata こんなロマンチックな日いい物を食べに行くんだよ指揮官。え?ご飯を食べに行くのはロマンチックな事じゃない?


On this romantic day I'm going to eat all the good stuff, Commander. Eh, eating a lot isn't romantic at all?