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Type 56 Story Quotes

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Acquisition 56式半,正式报到!长官,战友们,你们好! 56式半自動歩槍、正式に入隊します。指揮官、そして皆さん、よろしくお願いします!Play Type 56 semi-automatic carbine, officially enlisting. Commander, everyone, it's nice to meet you!
Introduction 国产56半是西蒙诺夫半自动步枪的仿制品。不过,在她被AK47取代时,我却在停产许久后又被大量生产。一方面因为性能优秀, 另一方面也是艰苦卓绝的历史环境决定的,战士们凭借我立下的传奇功绩,我将永远以此为荣!
Secretary 长官,您辛苦了! 指揮官、お疲れ様です!Play Commander, you're working hard!
又买新玩具?现在的人真会享受啊…… またおもちゃですか、今時の人は物好きですねーPlay You bought a new toy again? People these days really do live in luxury.
您……您要做什么,长官!别以为我不懂,这是骚扰吧! なっ、何をするのですか指揮官!?知らないとでも思ってます?セクハラはだめですよ!Play Wh- what are you doing, Commander! Don't think I don't understand, this is sexual harrassment!
Secretary (post OATH)
Commander, please have some water. I put in a special ingredient, do you know what it is? Ufufu, you'll get a reward if you figure it out.
何ですか、指揮官。っえ?これは何?とりあえずそこに置いてください、夕食の準備を手伝わなきゃ。っえ?置いといたら間に合わない?一体何なんですか。 っえ?嘘!?本当!?
What is it, Commander. Eh? What is this? For the time being, put it over there, I need to help prepare dinner. If we put it aside will it be too late? Just what on earth. Eh? You're lying!? Really!?
Greeting 56半、待機します、指揮官、ご指示を!Play Type 56, standing by. Commander, give me instructions!
T-Doll Produced 新しい戦友の到着です、歓迎しましょうPlay A new comrade has arrived, let's go welcome them.
Joining an echelon 56半準備完了、どうぞご検閲を!Play Type 56 semi-automatic, please review!
Enhancement 指揮官に感謝します、まだまだやれますPlay Thanks to you, Commander, I can still do more.
Dummy-linking 指揮官に感謝します、もっと力が増えましたPlay Thanks to you, Commander, I've gained more power.
Logistics (start) 56半、了解です、向かいます!Play Type 56, roger! I'm coming!
Logistics (end) 56半、帰隊しました、成果をチェックして下さい!Play Type 56, returning home, please check the results!
Autobattle 同士達よ、もう一踏ん張りです!Play Fellow comrades, we've taken another step forward!

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Starting a combat mission 勝利に向かって、進みましょう!Play Let's proceed towards victory!
Starting a battle さあ、行きましょう!Play Now, let us go!
Skill activation 狙い撃つ!Play Aim and shoot!
最後まで踏ん張って!Play Hold on to the very end!
これぞ!エースの攻撃です!Play This is it! Ace attack!
Heavily damaged っあ、いいえ、みんなさん、気にせず進めて下さいPlay Ah, no, everyone, please don't mind me.
Retreat ごめんなさい指揮官…次は必ず任務を達成します!Play I'm sorry, commander... Next time I will certainly accomplish my mission!
MVP 56半、任務を達成しました!早く戦果をチェックしてくださいね、指揮官!Play Type 56, I have completed my mission! Commander, please check the battle results soon!
Restoration っんはー、私は平気です、他の仲間を先に修理して下さいPlay Haaaa, I'm fine, please fix the others first.

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English
Halloween 今晚有什么活动?……跳舞?这可是我的拿手活啊。 今夜は何します?ダンス?私得意ステップがあるんですよ!Play What will you do tonight? Dance? I'm proud in my steps!
Christmas クリスマス?よく分からないけど、お肉を食べればいいです。Play Christmas? I don't really understand, but we should eat meat.
New Year's Day 明けましておめでとう指揮官!余ったお年玉は組織に差し出して下ださいね。


Happy New Years, Commander! If you have any excess gifts, you should give them to the organization.
Valentine's day 今日はチョコを「…」する日ですね。指揮官、どうぞご限月を。


Tanabata 私の願いは同視たちと共に最後の暁を迎えることです指揮官。


My wish is to greet the dawn with my comrades, Commander