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"The truth is much more complicated than you think."

This article is written from a Lore perspective. It contains spoilers and different reference materials might be contradictory.

This is a timeline of all events taking place in the world of Girls' Frontline and related games from a Lore perspective.


  • First relics site discovered by mankind in Eastern Europe.[1] Tsarist Russia starts experiments 40 years before the rest of the world.[2]

June 30th, 1908


  • American Alsos teams pillage Nazi and Japanese wartime research ahead of USSR Trade Federation units, who are focused on securing the Nazi relics site at Bleicherode.[2]


  • Soviet Russia activates its “Starfish” Servitors production installations.[2]


  • The United States establishe its first research station on relics technology at the Door site and the Big Sieve organization is founded to oversee American relics research.[3]


  • The Soviet Union launches the first man-made satellite into orbit, prompting the US to reconsider its research strategy.[3]


  • The American ARPA is founded to replace Big Sieve as the primary relics technology research organism of the US.[3]


  • The Starfish installation produces its first Servitors, put on display during the October Revolution Parade of November.[3]



  • American president Lyndon Johnson authorizes experimental use of “accelerant” gas as a weapon during the Vietnam War, expending 3 tons of gas over the remaining seven years of the war.[5]

May 12, 1973

  • The Soviet Union lose a relics site to strange phenomenons during the OKB-10 incident.[5]


  • Shanghai's expansion seals the entrance to the Beilan relics site.[4]


  • First documented case of ELID infection.[6]


  • The Soviets control 5 relics sites and the US 4.[3]
  • An estimated 150 000 people contracted ELID and about 10 000 became ELID infected, with numbers growing.[6]


  • Starting in January, the Soviets use Servitors in combat for the first time in Afghanistan, to devastating effects.[6]
  • The Dresden Accords are signed on November 3rd, limiting military research on relics technology.[3]


  • Research start on ELID vaccines to counter the growing number of infection cases, which would prove successful.[6]


  • The Dresden Accords are expanded to the Dresden Convention, starting a greater worldwide collaboration on relics technology research.[6]



  • The Black Lily and White Rose project is declared a failure and the UNRSA focuses on finding new relics sites.[4]


  • Discovery of the relics site that will serve as the foundation to Hollow City in Antarctica.[8]

Late 2028 or 2029

  • The Beilan Island relics site is breached and ELID infections occur in Shanghai. Beilan Island is quarantined but security is gradually dropped as the incident subdues.[9]





  • The first Common Strength Doll model 03H, outfitted with advanced agility and movement precision, is produced by Scheppel Advanced Technology Company.[12]

April 15th, 2045

  • World War Three begins.[10]
  • Hollow City seals all its entrances and isolates itself from the rest of the world[8]



  • First Anti-Collapse reactor pile.[8]


First half of 2051

  • IOP fields the ACD-51 Tactical Doll model.[13]

Jun 29th, 2051

  • End of World War Three.[8]



  • Persicaria finalizes Etching Theory. Griffin and Kryuger shifts from using human mercenaries to Tactical Dolls. Sangvis Ferri's Elisa mainframe AI is activated.[10]




  • IOP T-Dolls adopt the Neural Cloud system. Several high-ranking G&K officers are assassinated.[10]



  • The United Nations are re-established.[8]
  • G&K accept the contract to fight against Sangvis Ferri dolls. The Commander is recruited into Griffin & Kryuger. Events of Girls' Frontline start.[10]




  • Countries of the Coalition leave the Union and join Hollow City in the Antarctic Union, ending the period of collaboration known as the Ten-Years Honeymoon.[15]
  • Three more specimens bearing the genes of GAVIRUL are created during the Three Goddesses project.[16]


  • The Three Goddesses project falls through due to the growing unrest between the Coalition and the Union. Each faction retains one specimen, the third disappears.[16]

July 2089

  • Union citizens are killed by Coalition police officers, sparking widespread civil strife and interventions from the Coalition military.[15]

September 2089

18th to 20th December, 2092

July 11th, 2094

  • Operation Kindle. Subjects Jefuty and Noel are lost, along with a large number of troops. The First Antarctic War ends two months later.[19]


  • Second Antarctic War.[19]


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