The Art of Girls' Frontline Vol.2

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Overview of the contents

The Art of Girls' Frontline Vol.2 is an official released art book box.

Art Book[edit]

Book title: The Art of Girls' Frontline Volume 2

Publisher: Jiaxing Wuyue Digital Media (嘉兴吴越电子音像出版社)

Hard cover book
ISBN: 978-7-89389-148-9
Published: April 2019

List of credited staffs: Template:ToDo

Printed pages: 404


  • Promotional Graphic (page 003)
  • Character Profile (page 035)
  • Worldview and concept design (page 221)
  • Plot overview (page 273)
  • Dorm design (page 329)
  • Graphic materials (page 373)
  • Interview (page 399)

Python MP7 AK-74U AUG SR-3MP Five-seveN IWS2000 M1887 KSG Saiga-12 AA-12 FP-6 CZ75 RFB PKP ART556 DSR-50 T91 Contender S.A.T.8 JS05 K2 Zas M21 Carcano M1891 Carcano M91/38 Ballista HK21 SRS C-MS MDR TAC-50 PM-06 Shiki (idx 228) M870 M82A1 PP-90 UMP40 PP-19 PP-19-01 G28 AEK-999 smg 150) M37 M590 Super-Shorty Type_97 SPAS-12 M1014 Spitfire Ribeyrolles KLIN PzB39 T-5000 Ameli Ak5 USAS-12 Type_80 XM3 Thunder Honeybadger CZ2000 K5 XM8 Cx4 Storm Mk12 A-91 M1A1 Type 59 AR70 6P62 PSM MT-9 OTs-44 SSG 69 M1897 M500 KS-23 RMB-93 HK45 SCW ASh-12.7 Carbine174 TMP F1 wz.29 P226 NS2000 M12 T65 HK23 M1_Garand OTs-39 CZ52 SM-1 T77 MP-443 GSh-18 Model L OBR Type 63 Bren Ten USP Compact Noel Elphelt Kiana Raiden_Mei Bronya Theresa Himeko Seele Clear Fail Colt Revolver (MOD3) Nagant Revolver (MOD3) Mosin-Nagant (MOD3) SV-98 (MOD3) FN-49 (MOD3) G3 (MOD3) M1918 (MOD3) Bren (MOD3) MP-446 (MOD3) IDW (MOD3) Type_64 (MOD3) M4A1 (MOD3) ST AR-15 (MOD3) AN-94 Ak-12 M4 SOPMOD II (MOD3)

NPCs Angelia Havier Witkiny Zelinskiy General Carter Dier Sier Captain Yegor

Sangivs Ferri Brute Tarantula Goliath Jupiter Gaia Cerberus Sangvis Ferri M16A1

KCCO Cyclops AR Cyclops SG Aegis Cerynitis Typhon Dactyl Hydra

Other Armed Zombie Unarmed Zombie Armed Zombie (big one) Corrupted File

Paradeus Strelet Rodelero Doppelsöldner Uhlan Nyto White Nyto Black


"Let's take out the trash."

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Costume Code[edit]

Costume code hidden behind a scratch-off panel on a PVC card. Redeeming this code unlocks SPAS-12's "Marching Band" costume. The code can be entered in the Code Redemption.

Clear File[edit]

A clearfile with a front print of SPAS-12's "Marching Band" costume's artwork.

Soundtrack with Orchestra Blu-Ray[edit]

Title: Girls' Frontline O.S.T. II Compose:

  • Dr.RD [1, 2, 7, 10, 11, 15, 21, 24]
  • 東原一輝 (Kazuki Higashihara) (Basiscape) [3]
  • 渡辺里佳子 (Rikako Watanabe) (Basiscape) [5]
  • G.K [4, 6, 12, 13, 14, 16, 18, 19]
  • Rabbit J [8, 9]
  • Haloweak [17, 22]
  • [email protected] [20, 23]
  • M2U [23]



  • Rabbit J [7]


  • KANASA [22]
  • NICODE [23]
  • TMDC [23]


  • エルム凪 (erumunagi) [5]
  • AKINO with bless4 [22]
  • Guriri [23]


  • Mixed by TMDC
  • Recorded at SQUARE MUSIQ Studio A
Nr. OST Tracks
1 Synthesis Catalyst
2 Adaptive Algorithm
3 Move On
4 Excavation
5 Barbarous Funera
6 Mind Hack
7 Random Variable
8 Café de Springfield
9 Roomate
10 Vacance 6.64
11 Lyrique
12 Haze
13 Stay ALIVE
14 Refrain
15 Collapse Point
16 The War Has Begun
17 Granular Assembly
18 Autonome
19 Escalation
20 Cradle of Fear
21 Mythoclast
22 What Am I Fighting For
23 Frontline (English Version)
24 New Dawn

Blu-Ray disc of the orchestra 2018-10-19

Orchestra Concert List
New Dawn
Day 1
Suite for the Arctic war
Black out
Mind Hack
What am I fighting for
Suite for the Vivid Memories
Proud of you
Suite for Singularity

Blu-Ray Booklet[edit]

Small booklet listing the arrangement of OST 2 and orchestra. Also contains the lyrics to "What am I fighting for" and "Frontline". Many pages are accompanied by artwork.

Team DEFY Pins[edit]

Four pins showing each the gun and name of one of the Team DEFY members AN-94, AK-12, M4A1 and ST AR-15. The pins resemble the same format as the Team DEFY furniture in-game. The pins of M4A1 and ST AR-15 have a small field printed on them reading "MOD".

G&K Field Commander Briefing Programm[edit]

Labeled "Secret No.4205". A thin file with 38 printed pages bundled with the artbook similar to the first one. Contains a background story not mentioned in game.

Because of inconsistencies and contradictions with the in-game story it is considered more like a spin-off story.

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