The Art of Girls' Frontline Vol.1

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General info: Book title: The Art of Girls' Frontline Volume 1 / The Art of Girls' Frontline Until the Stars

Publisher: Jiaxing Wuyue Digital Media (嘉兴吴越电子音像出版社)

List of credited staffs:

  • Gamer producer: Yuzhong (羽中)
  • Designer: Leon Chen
  • Art Director: LIN+
  • Cover Illustration: UmiNeko
  • Art Illustration: Infukun
  • Writing: Jano
  • Editor: Sisun
  • Special thanks to: Phantania, 将军,节操,非莺,黑白


The Art of Girls' Frontline is an official released art book, covering contents range from in game art and artist comments, promotional art, world view and concept designs, story presentation, development team interview and many other in depth description of the game Girls' Frontline itself. Volume 1 was released in March 2017, limited amount was printed and purchased by players.