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The playable individual units in Girls Frontline are named 'T-Doll', this article's contents are based on 'Girl's Frontline Griffin confidential file' written by the producer Yuzhong, the official edition art book of the game 'The Art of Girls' Frontline Vol.1 - Until The Stars', or based on in-game story/dialogues.


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T-Doll stands for Tactical Doll, all in game playable T-Doll units are second generation T-Dolls. T-Dolls are humanoid shaped Androids, who are both sentient and sapient, bodily system operation are entirely mechanized.

Development and history[edit]

Production skeletal robotics[edit]

Prior to AD 2033

The advancement into robotics and automation are purely for the sake of faster, easier industrial process. Facility mounted and powered, one well placed robotics and automatons effectively replaced tens if not hundreds of human workers, at a lower cost and brings about greater efficiency. These strangely shaped industrial automatons advanced humanity's industrial capability by a fair margin and set the foundation stone for the development of more sophisticated robotics[1].

AD 2033

Predecessor of T-Doll dates back to AD 2033, they are simply labelled as Skeletal Automatons, instead of Androids they are closer related to automation robotics, the very phrase 'Doll' itself also did not occur until a later date. Instead of being attached to a facility, they were designed for standalone independent field works. Specification for these automatons include:

  • Strong body structure for hard labour
  • Long independent operating time up to six hours, no longer than four hours of recharge time
  • Modular design, able to easily mount and dismount different tools for different tasks, high common parts between machines to save repair and maintenance costs
  • Compatible AI system, a newly designed AI system that can easily adapt to different tasks and tools, usually by the means of running different software

Such strict specification at the time was a great challenge for the development teams[2].

AD 2035-2037

The first concept of 'Doll' occurred around 2035 to 2037. After the first companies made their fame and fortune from these industrialized automatons, they attracted interest from the military, soon the development of automaton for war initiated. Leihart General Manufacturing developed their first 'Doll' type automatons for Pan-European Military Union Assault Artillery vehicles. The Dolls followed the specifications of humanoid-shaped to fit easily in the vehicles, compatible with adaptable AI from Leihart's initial prototypes[2].

AD 2041

Applications for the humanoid Dolls were quickly found in both military and civilian sectors, and a plethora of upgrades upon the original models were quickly developed by military and civilian companies alike. Among these were sensor upgrades, power management improvements, and improved AI. Before too long, the developments of these civilian companies had caught the attention of General Carter of the Military Union, resulting in the consolidation of two major companies into the Important Operation Prototype Manufacturing Company, or I.O.P.[2].

First generation Tactical Doll[edit]

AD 2046

Second generation Tactical Doll[edit]


Image as design production

By the present in-game time, I.O.P. is capable of producing T-Dolls merely from data description of a human, achieving pinpoint precision on all exterior features and flawlessly mimicking the personality. Every member of Schicksal Valkyrja had their data collected by I.O.P. and T-Dolls flawlessly resembling themselves were left behind when they departed from the world.[3]

Appearance and behaviour[edit]

By the end of the third world war and the calamity of collapse particles, world population had reached an all time low, humans began to run short on the one vital resources they never thought they'd run out: Manpower. Without the sheer population backing up, society itself cannot function, civilian service dolls were widely introduced to the human society to fill the roles left open by former residents. By the latest generation of service dolls, their exterior appearances are essentially identical to that of humans, which helped integrating them into the society. Every model of civilian service dolls are fitted with emotion modules, allowing them to interact with humans closely, combined with the detailed manuals provided, almost any humans can employ the service of service dolls without issue.

Majority of I.O.P. produced T-Dolls are converted models of their civilian service dolls, dolls themselves can enlist for service in G&K, after a quick installation of related modules and issued a weapon, they are sortie ready. Prior to enlisting, dolls comes from all professions of jobs within the society, SMG AK-74UThumb button.pngAK-74U  worked in retail prior to G&K service[4], RF SRSThumb button.pngSRS  was likely part of an education profession, SG RMB-93Thumb button.pngRMB-93  was likely an office worker, while SG S.A.T.8Thumb button.pngS.A.T.8  had the longest known service record, worked as a part timer from convenience stores, to luxury hotels, to animal breeders and then in child nursery programs.

Service dolls are considered ductile and obedient in nature, it would prove impossible for dolls to disobey or defy human commands as instruction sets were written at the very fundamental levels of their Digi-mind, they are programmed to follow human instructions and can never actively cause harm to a human being, any attempts will result in Digi-mind structural damage.[5]

Different dolls have different exterior appearance, where most takes the appearance of human females around the age 13 to 17, with a few models appear significantly more senior than the others, while some are more junior. HG PythonThumb button.pngPython  and RF PTRDThumb button.pngPTRD  are examples of senior T-Dolls while HG Colt RevolverThumb button.pngColt Revolver  and SMG MP5Thumb button.pngMP5  are considered younger in appearance. Doll clothing and fashion of choice varies with their personality, being similarly shaped to humans, they have

complete compatibility with clothing designed for humans
2018's Sweet Oath event described G&K service T-Dolls were hired by wedding outfit tailors and served as clothing models

, dolls can purchase their clothing of desire on their own or wear any employer issued uniforms.

Dolls comes with different personality settings and hobbies, it would appear the hobbies and personalities are factory set[6] and usually cannot be overwritten[7]. Though there are exceptional cases where after a series of events and/or newly installed modules, T-Dolls of ductile nature became more aggressive and vengeful[8].

Doll hobbies varies greatly between dolls:

  • Some hobbies are collection based, such as RF SV-98Thumb button.pngSV-98 's badge collection[9], RF SVDThumb button.pngSVD 's sticker collection[9] and AR M4 SOPMOD IIThumb button.pngM4 SOPMOD II 's Ferri android body parts collection[4][10].
  • Some hobbies are activity based, such as AR TAR-21Thumb button.pngTAR-21 's interest in tea ceremony, flower arranging, kendo and ballet[11], SMG Sten MkIIThumb button.pngSten MkII 's baking hobby[11] and SMG TMPThumb button.pngTMP 's interest in computing electronics[12].
  • Other hobbies are consumption based, such as AR FNCThumb button.pngFNC 's love for sweets and chocolates[4][10], AR A-91Thumb button.pngA-91 's excessive vodka consumption[4][10], and AR T91Thumb button.pngT91 's obsession with milk tea[11].
    • It is worth noting that, since T-Dolls cannot use organic food as a source of energy income, most consumption based hobbies are essentially pointless, consumption of some human commodities such as tobacco is actually lethal to T-Dolls[7].
    • A-91 is able to become intoxicated, it is unknown how consuming alcoholic beverages can effect A-91's mechanical body the same way it effect a normal human's biological body.

Much like ordinary humans, dolls can gain experience in combat, the longer they spend in sorties the better bonded they are with their weapon, on top of tactical knowledge, thus making them more effective at combat.

Digi-Mind, modules and compatible systems[edit]

ASST system, weapons and Fire-Control Core[edit]

ASST stands for Advance Statistic Session Tool, such system is developed based on Persica's personal research dubbed as 'Etching' theory. 'Etching' allows two objects to establish special connections, further development of 'Etching' would be 'Branding', Persica later on renamed 'Branding' to ASST. ASST allows a T-Doll to establish greater connection to their weapons than any other software allows[13], to a degree where they can practically bond with their weapon, it is also said as the dolls studies the history of their weapon of choice, they can achieve higher affinity and greater efficiency[14].

After the world war, high grade weaponry are supplied exclusively to military and banned from civilian market, with ASST system being developed by Persica of 16LAB, I.O.P. turned their eyes on older ballistic type projectile firearm weapons. Major benefit of using modified civilian service dolls with outdated weapon is the significantly lower cost, service dolls cost significantly less to repair and maintain than military grade androids[2], as well as the older model ballistic weapons can also be obtained at a low price likely from the war scavengers. One can obtain the similar level of combat efficiency at a much lower cost.

By installing Fire-Control Cores, civilian service dolls gained the knowledge to operate firearms, by installing ASST system their combat efficiency improved to a point where they can rival military grade combat androids. Fire-Control Cores takes up set bandwidths within a T-Doll's operating system, operators can choose to fit lower grade Fire-Control Cores to reserve space for other items such as E-War modules[15].

By the end of event Arctic Warfare, G&K had captured a Ringleader model of Sangvis Ferri dubbed as 'Architect', Architect is held with 16LAB after surrendering to G&K forces, and cooperated with 16LAB studies. A further development of ASST system was finalized after integrating Sangvis Ferri technology of heavy weaponry operation[16]. Heavy Ordnance Corp (abbreviate as HOC) units are fitted with a more effective ASST system, which allows them to operate heavy ordnance weapons. However it is likely due to the sheer build quality of dolls, I.O.P. made civilian dolls does not have the physical processing capability of Sangvis Ferri made Ringleader grade androids, heavy weaponry are often operated by a group of three or four similar model T-Dolls, each assigned a task within the team, such as the spotter, weapon operator, weapon loader and/or guard (Some HOC units operates without a guard).


Digi-Mind is the name given to a doll's central operating software, in a sense the operating system.

Dummy linking[edit]

T-Dolls can multiply their combat efficiency through 'Dummy-Links', T-Doll can subjugate same (or similar) model T-Dolls and use them as additional combat units, the subjugated dolls are known as 'Dummies' while the T-Doll is known now as the 'Mainframe'. Dummies have the same combat ability as the mainframe, it however does not have complex calculation capability, it is only able to receive and execute orders given from the mainframe[13].

As long as the mainframe is not harmed, the T-Doll can operate a small squadron of 'herself' and multiply combat effectiveness, it is likely the dummies can transmit information back to the mainframe, in a sense the mainframe walks in many different bodies.

Either the story nor the lore books had commented on what happens if a mainframe was destroyed while dummy link is active, the following two are merely speculations:

  • Result A: Mainframe destruction result in doll death on the field, all remaining linked dummy collapse due to the loss of their command unit regardless of their self conditions, doll wakes up in back up body at the HQ with their last uploaded Digi-mind files.
  • Result B: Mainframe destruction result in mainframe consciousness transfer into a remaining linked dummy, the dummy becomes the new mainframe and houses the doll's consciousness, compatibility issue is not present due to dummy and mainframe being the same model. Process repeats until the final dummy becomes the mainframe and undergo destruction for the last time, doll wakes up in back up body at the HQ with their last uploaded Digi-mind files.


Emotion module

I.O.P. produced service dolls retained their emotion modules even after entering service with G&K, likely for an enhanced user experience for human personals within the private military contractor.

Command module/Command protocols

T-Dolls can install command modules which allows them to replace the role of a human commander, with a command module installed to the leader of an echelon, the group of dolls can function as a independent task force carrying out combat/reconnaissance operations without a human commander directly overseeing them. Alternatively, dolls with command module installed can simply be stationed at a command post and oversee operations like a human commander.

List of known dolls with/once had command module installed:

  • HG Five-seveNThumb button.pngFive-seveN  (57 commented on her installed command module when she overtook the command of PP-90's garrison during event Hitoribocchi)
  • SMG UMP45Thumb button.pngUMP45  (Leader of Task force 404, UMP45 utilizes her command module to guide the task force in and out of danger)
  • SMG UMP40Thumb button.pngUMP40  (As observed during Butterfly Event)
  • AR M4A1Thumb button.pngM4A1  (Leader of AR Team, M4A1 is the first T-Doll with the command module installed known to the newly arrived G&K Commander)
  • SMG RO635Thumb button.pngRO635  (RO635's command module was further developed based on combat data fed back from AR Team, later on fine-tuned by commanding Palette Squadron, RO's command module is speculated to be the most advanced version to date)
  • AR AK-12Thumb button.pngAK-12  (As observed during Singularity and Continuum Turbulence campaign)

Installation of command protocol can also enable a T-doll to command other dolls without the need to install a separate module, additionally the protocol allows the doll to

spawn simulated friendly echelons
Glory Day event story where such ability is demonstrated by K2

in combat simulations/cyber space. However command ability is limited to only her echelon and it has an

expiration date
Glory Day event story where K2 comments on her command protocol expiration is imminent


List of known dolls with/once had/speculated having command protocols:

  • RF DSR-50Thumb button.pngDSR-50  (Her unit's involvement during operation Deep Dive, also her being able to operate alone to fulfill her end of the deal struck with UMP45)
  • AR K2Thumb button.pngK2  (K2 was given command protocol and a squadron to guard a city ruin)
  • AR OTs-14Thumb button.pngOTs-14  (OTs-14 Groza leads a squadron of T-Dolls of Russian origin, she is speculated of having command protocol)
  • RF IWS-2000Thumb button.pngIWS-2000  (IWS leads a squadron of T-Dolls of Austrian origin, her squadron operated in cooperation with other T-doll echelons during chapter 8 night, she is speculated of having command protocol)
  • HG WelrodThumb button.pngWelrod  (Welrod leads a squadron of T-Dolls of British origin, her squadron took part in the operations during chapter 8 night assisted IWS' squadron, she is speculated of having command protocol)

Electronic warfare module List of known dolls with/once had EW module installed or are stated to be experienced with EW:

List of dolls who have participated in EW despite lack of module/inexperience:

List of dolls stated to have no EW module:

Doll Operation[edit]

Energy System[edit]

T-Dolls can consume food for energy, and are programmed with their own tastes in cuisine, but can also eat T-Doll MREs for efficient, if unpalatable, energy consumption. Alternatively, recharging can be done by

stationary power sockets
Chapter 9E story, RO635 and SOP II engaged in conversation while waiting for themselves to finish recharge

, or by

mobile power units
CT campaign, where SOP II aims to retrieve a mobile power unit supplied by G&K usable by T-Dolls


Command Input[edit]

Typically T-Dolls are commanded by a human commander for detailed combat operations, dolls are

unable to fight
Suggested in various part of the game story

unless they are constantly given commands, simpler tasks such as base patrol and logistic supports can be performed unsupervised. T-Dolls with a command module or given temporal command protocols can replace the role of a human commander, such groups are able to

operate on their own
Glory Day event story describes K2's squadron being able to operate without a human commander

indefinitely or until their command protocol expires. T-Dolls can teach a human on how to command T-Doll echelons in emergency situations, however despite that adjutant T-Dolls knowing how to command doll echelons to a degree where

they can instruct humans
Hitoribocchi event chapter 1, where Kiana is tutored by PP-90 on T-doll commanding operations

, they are still unable to operate the command panel themselves without a command protocol.

Elite T-Dolls[edit]

Despite a lot of T-Dolls' comment on their outstanding performances and high rated status, only a few T-Dolls can truly be classified as Elite T-Dolls. Some elite T-Dolls are not converted from civilian service dolls, they are likely built purely for war and never given a job within the human society, meaning they have very little experience in interacting with humans other than receiving orders. Also likely due to the expense, elite T-Dolls are not manufactured in great numbers, some are likely to be the only one of their kind.


"This is classified information!"

This article contains spoilers. You have been warned.

AR Team[edit]

Produced by the top ranking research division within I.O.P., AR Team members are all produced and fine-tuned to optimal combat performance by 16LAB lead by Persica, their solo operation capability renders them as elite T-Dolls. On top of being able to receive commands, and operate without a human commander, each members of AR Team are even capable of operating individually without any commands.

Task force 404[edit]

Capable of solo operation, excels at covert activities and electronic warfare, it could be argued that members of Task force 404 can also be classified as elite T-Dolls despite being a rogue faction.

AK-12 and AN-94[edit]

Both original members of DEFY were built to meet the specifications of National Security Bureau, both AK-12 and AR AN-94Thumb button.pngAN-94  demonstrates superior combat performance as T-Dolls. In additional to physical combat, they also excel at electronic warfare, both are capable of rapid database hacking and infiltration, AK-12 is even able to

Complete subjugation of abandoned military androids and use them as additional combat force, as demonstrated multiple times by AK-12 through out both singularity and CT campaign. AN-94 can also subjugate abandoned units but cannot use them as combat force, only as additional processing units

military grade androids.

Other known elite T-Dolls[edit]

  • SG M1887Thumb button.pngM1887  operated alone atop the snowy mountain during the event Arctic Warfare until her meeting with the AR Team, she is likely an elite T-Doll chosen to operate in that region.
  • DSR-50 was recognized as an elite T-Doll by UMP45 during the event of Deep Dive, UMP45 commented stating that as by unleashing DSR-50, they could easily defeat the rampaging Garm unit.
  • RF M82A1Thumb button.pngM82A1  and SG M870Thumb button.pngM870  are both introduced during the CT campaign, they are classified as elite T-Dolls, but due to their behaviour and personality nature, they do not quite fit the crowd, hence their existence were kept quiet until after the event of Sector S09 event.
  • Prior to her presence in 404 task force, AR HK416Thumb button.pngHK416  was an elite T-Doll served G&K, however it was long ago, dated even before the new Commander (player character) was enlisted, only a few T-Dolls remembered her exploits back in the day.

Points of interest[edit]

Prosthetic limbs[edit]

MOST T-Dolls designs in game have normal human like limbs, there are a few however with mechanical limbs instead of normal human-like limbs, most of the designs are left to artists' discretion and some are explained in story. Earliest examples of dolls with mechanical limbs are AR M4 SOPMOD IIThumb button.pngM4 SOPMOD II  and AR G41Thumb button.pngG41 :

  • SOPMOD II's mechanical limbs are actually in fact, of Sangvis Ferri design, to demonstrate the modularity of the rifle she represents, SOPMOD II is able to use body parts of other manufacturing origin, certain point in the story she demosntrated the ability repair herself with available spare parts from a field of battle.
  • G41 on the other hand never had any form of story explanation to her mechanical limbs, artist NS also did not comment on the design. Though however G41's costume Beach Punk 2064 revealed her with actual human-like arms.

Artist 小吃 (Chichi) who got introduced to the game's contributing roster after producing HG CZ52Thumb button.pngCZ52  is very keen on drawing mechanized legs, evident from CZ52 and Chichi's latest doll AR ADSThumb button.pngADS . While either MICA story team nor the game lore had made any comments on the exact structure of a T-Doll, Chichi boldly commented on ADS' character design sheet she posted on Twitter, introducing the concept of 'synthetic flesh' over T-Doll's body. Since this wasn't mentioned by MICA's story team, the concept of 'synthetic flesh' shouldn't be considered canon for now.


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