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[Sector S09, in a region contested by SF...]

FAL: ...FNC, calling FNC.

[There is a brief sound of chewing from the other side of the transmission.]

FN-FNC: Om... nom... *chews*

FAL: *sighs* Swallow what’s in your mouth before you go on.

FN-FNC: Oog...! Nng! Nk nk nk! *chews*
Huah! Alright! What is it, FAL?

FAL: What else could there be... of course I want a sitrep.
You’ve already reached your objective; have you found any unusual SF signals?

FN-FNC: Nothing so far... other than some SF patrol units.

FAL: How about 49? She’s keeping an eye out at the other listening post, right?

FN-FNC: She told me a lot of things... she reports in whenever anything happens.
Some of them bother me *quiet grumbling* although they have nothing to do with SF...

FAL: What are they? Just tell me.

FN-FNC: Like the weather, today’s weather is pretty weird...
The wind’s strong, air pressure’s low... and the sky looks really bad too.

FAL: ...Move your head to the side and look at the sky.

FN-FNC: Huh...
You see that black mass of clouds that looks like a typhoon?
Usually, that sort of thing only shows up as special effects in a weather report, right?
It looks like a piece of angry candy floss, like it could explode at any moment.

FAL: ...Indeed. But... I don’t think SF’s developed weather-based weaponry yet.
Should we be worried about it, or am I overthinking this...
FNC, next time, I suggest you...


FN-FNC: Huh? FAL, what did you say?


FN-FNC: Cheh, at a time like this...
Like I’ve been saying, FAL just loves blathering on! She should have just gotten to the main point!
What should I do now... Maybe I’ll contact 49 first. Yeah, I’ll do that!

[FNC calls FN49.]


[Beep... beep... beep.]


FN-49: FNC... hello...

FN-FNC: Ugh... transmission quality’s bad over there too...
Or is it because... my side that has the problem...
Could it be... the weather?

FN-49: FNC... careful....

FN-FNC: Huh... 49! What did you say?

FN-49: ...Intru...
She’s coming... be careful!

FN-FNC: Intru... Intru-who?

[...zzt!... zzt!]

FN-FNC: Dammit! Comms are completely cut off! This damn weather!

[FNC raises her head and looks at the sky.]

FN-FNC: ...!

FN-FNC: This... what is this...

[The black clouds in the sky swirl together, and ray after ray of light emerges from the heart of the vortex.]

FN-FNC: ...
This is... some kind of stage effect, right...
It’s... as though some kind of “spectre” is going to come out of it-

FN-FNC: ...!

[At the same time, in Sector S09’s Griffin HQ.]

FAL: Hello! FNC? Hello!?
Does the enemy have something to do with how the transmission was cut off suddenly?
57, check the circuit conditions.

FN-57: Our comms are fine over here.
By the way, I checked before you asked.

FAL: 57, little tricks like these won’t help your chances of promotion.

FN-57: Yes yes yes, nag nag nag...
In any case, don’t you think this has something to do with FNC’s report?

FAL: The weather? I have my reservations.
Our networks won’t be disrupted by something as trivial as this, and there’s no signs indicating that SF employs similar weapons.

FN-57: I’m just saying this in case, because it might not be SF’s doing.
What I mean is that this weather might be the product of some third party.
Of course, it’s just a wild guess...

FAL: You have a very active imagination, but... I don’t think it’s completely unfounded.

FN-57: Oh? It’s not often that you agree with me.

FAL: The longer you stay on the battlefield, the more you need to rely on flashes of insight and luck.
That’s why I made you my adjutant.

FN-57: I’ll consider that your way of praising me.
However, you could stand to be a bit more straightforward...


FN-57: Uwah!

FAL: Urk! ... this intense trembling...

FN-57: It’s coming from the northwest... from the location of our mission objective!

FAL: To think it would actually reach all the way here... what on earth happened?

FN-57: Its source is still unknown for now... hang on, I’ve gotten through!

FN-FNC: Hah... hah... is... is anyone there!?

FAL: FNC! What’s happening on your end!?

FN-FNC: Thank heavens... I finally got through!
We... we ran into Intruder!

FAL: ...!
Was what happened just now her work?

FN-FNC: I don’t know... but later... a massive lightning bolt struck from the sky!

FAL: ...Huh?

FN-FNC: It was a huge lightning bolt! It blew this place up like a bomb!

FAL: Can lightning bolts really be so powerful?

FN-FNC: In any case, we were lucky enough not to get caught up in it...
Intruder vanished after that, and we’re not sure when she’ll be back.
We also found an unconscious human woman nearby.

FAL: ...A woman?

FN-FNC: She’s blonde, wears weird clothes... doesn’t seem like a local.
In any case, this is kind of an emergency,. SF units are on the move after the disturbance just now.

FAL: ...We’re heading over to assist right now, go search for 49 immediately.
And protect that woman as well.
Move stealthily and we’ll withdraw once we link up.

FN-FNC: Got, got it!

FAL: ...Commander, it seems we’ll need to move out.

FN-57: Ah-ah~ won’t need to laze around here anymore.
It would be pretty bad if that lightning just now was an SF weapon, right?

FAL: Let’s report this to Helian. We might be able to get something out of Architect.
The situation this time... probably isn’t something we can imagine.
Let’s head out, then. It’s time for the FN Team to regroup.