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Scene 1-3-1 Later, S06 Area Safe Zone

UMP9: Sis hasn't come back?
HK416: Be patient, though I don't know what she's up to.
G11: Ummm… Marsh… mallow… princess…
UMP9: G11 is having her 8th dream. If Sis' still not coming back…
UMP45: Gals, sorry to keep you waiting.
UMP45: I'm back, along with a friend from Griffin --
SPP1: He…hello everybody, I'm SPP1…
HK416: …
SPP1: … (Frightened)
HK416: Since when you're kind enough to take in strays, 45?
UMP45: Since when we need her, is that right, SPP1?
SPP1: Yeah, I'm… the scout stationed in S06 Area…
UMP9: Haha, so the intel on stealth transportation and Sangvis Ferri's leader is all your handy work?
SPP1: Yes… There was one elite T-doll protecting me, but later she…
HK416: She's KIA or MIA… another sobbing story for community organizations.
HK416: But what's your worth? Why 45 brings you along?
G11: Don't be so terrible, 416. It's rare some T-doll's willing to speak to us.
HK416: (Signs) I'm for her own good. If you remember what 45 did before…
UMP45: Stop those nonsense. SPP1 does have some important intel for us, right?
SPP1: Ye…yes. Helian just contacted me, said you need the coordinates for the scrambler?
HK416: Don't tell me… that you've got that sorted out already?
UMP9: Ha! Haven't been this lucky for so long. I really thought we were cursed for life.
G11: Goddess of Fortune, please hold me.
SPP1: No, I'm the one who is fortunate.
SPP1: I have been on the run since I got separated with my bodyguard.
SPP1: Had you not defeat Hunter, Sangvis Ferri should find my hideout soon.
SPP1: I'll give you the coordinates now, please beware of the leader guarding that scrambler.
UMP9: …Executioner? Another Sangvis Ferri who had their path crossed with AR Team.
HK416: Some T-doll… who fought against M4A1?
G11: She must have been remodeled. We need to prepare more ammo…
UMP45: Move out once preparation is done. Finish our mission by stealing the scrambler.

Scene 1-3-2 Near scrambler destination, 404 Squad fighting fiercely with Executioner.

Executioner: Finally… The legendary 404 Squad, you finally come!
Executioner: I want every wires in you to tighten, tremble, until they all get torn out by me!
Executioner: Let the disgrace I tasted from M4A1 receive repayment from your bodies!
HK416: [beep], that name again!
HK416: G11, can you shoot her down!
G11: Ugh…dread…dreadful…
G11: I…I want to go…go home…to be…be a Hikikomori…
UMP9: G11 is terrified by Executioner! 416, carry her further away!
HK416: Negative. This is the furthest we can go.
HK416: At this rate, G11's mentality will once more…
UMP45: Retreat first. Then handle her like what we did with Hunter, wear her replenishment down!
HK416: Copy that. G11, throw smoke grenade with me!
G11: Ugh…throw…throw…throw…
G11: Is it the time to throw out trash, master…
UMP9: Throw G11's share with yours. Retreat now!

Executioner: Hum, bunch of cowards. I know what you are up to.
Executioner: Straggle all you want, then you'll see…
Executioner: Ouroboros has everything planned out…including your death.

Scene 1-3-3 …Battle coming to the end.

G11: Destruction for Executioner's four limbs done. Objectives met.
HK416: You recovered well, G11.
G11: Having you seeking your own doom in front of me… I'm much relieved.
HK416: Show your gratitude thoroughly. You didn't get this treatment before.
UMP9: Ah, we are all family. Don't be so mindful of favours.
HK416: I might tend to believe you if you were produced regularly.
UMP9: Haha, what's the difference? Isn't our life just as good?
G11: Not good at all. I want to go home…
HK416: Face the reality. You have been homeless for a long time…
UMP45: Hey you, stop chatting nonsense. Come and help checking on Executioner.
UMP9: Heh, thanks to the scrambler blocking the communication. Now we can "question" her properly.
UMP9: (Kick) Hey, got any last words? Soon after we ship the scrambler away, we can deliver it to your boss for you.
Executioner: It's such a shame that you'll deliver nothing…
Executioner: Because every inch around that scrambler is covered with explosives.
G11: …?! Explosives?
Executioner: And they're high explosives that no one can escape. "Boom", then no matter it's 404 or the scrambler, everything will be history.
UMP9: Wait! Isn't the scrambler for Sangvis Ferri your protection objective?!
Executioner: That's why I say Ouroboros has such an unbridled spirit, doing whatever she wants…
Executioner: It got everything planned out from the start, using Hunter for stalling, and me for placing explosives…
Executioner: No matter how you act, once you reach here, there is only one outcome…
HK416: Ouroboros… Why would you follow shit orders from such a T-doll.
Executioner: 404 Squad, the Griffin echelons you command, do they have a choice?
Executioner: When you ask them to die for your cause, do you ever consider their opinions?
UMP45: …
UMP9: Sis…
G11: So… we can't go home now… right?
HK416: (Smile Wryly) So kneel down and apologize, 45. I've been waiting for this for too long.
Executioner: It's neither heaven nor hell waiting for T-dolls.
Executioner: 404 Squad, let you and me both…
Executioner: Be erased from this world permanently…

Scene 1-3-4 …S06 Area, Temp Command Post taken by Sangvis Ferri.

Ouroboros: Agent, I'm sorry to report.
Ouroboros: Our scrambler was destroyed by that explosion just now.
Ouroboros: Explosives were placed by Executioner without authorization. She might be wiped out alongside 404 Squad during the explosion.
Agent: That scrambler was a key installment for [Plan Umbrella]. Now it only ends up with four worthless T-dolls…
Ouroboros: My apology. It's my negligence to overlook the elements of instability in both Hunter and Executioner's AI and fail to notice their disobedience in time.
Ouroboros: I have dispatch echelons to explosion site to confirm if they survived.
Agent: What's the use to confirm, Ouroboros?
Agent: Retreat now. I need more detailed report, do you copy?
Ouroboros: Yes… As you command, Agent.
Ouroboros: Attention, every Sangvis Ferri echelon in S06 Area. Follow Ouroboros' order…
Ouroboros: …Expand search area for 404 Squad, increase action efficiency to maximum.
Ouroboros: Eliminate any surviving Griffin T-doll!
Ouroboros: …Meager foot soldiers are unreliable. I have to see it with my own eyes.
Ouroboros: This mission is not over until I see the bodies of 404 Squad laid at my feet!