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Scene 1-2-1 One hour later, S06 Area, over Contested Territory.

UMP9: Hey, G11! Turn off your hibernate mode and prepare to fight!
G11: Umm…No, I still have wounds to heal…
G11: 416 crushed on me when that thing went off, and she broke my leg.
HK416: My apology. I should leave you to be bombed into 16 pieces next time.
G11: I don't care…If I don't lie down this instant I'll fall to pieces…I want to go home…
UMP9: Go home now, and you'll get no payment. Get up! (Pinch)
G11: Ummmmm…
HK416: Don't toy with G11, 9, keep an eye on Sangvis Ferri's antiaircraft defense.
UMP9: Don't worry. This transport aircraft has got stealth camouflage system. As long as Dreamer is not around, we won't be spotted.
HK416: Speaking of which, how do you find… this small aircraft?
UMP9: It was left by pervious Griffin's scout team. G11 found it and report to Sis.
HK416: (Signs) So you had me running around for nothing, made me a joke…
UMP9: One can only fool your enemy by fooling your allies first, right, little trickster G11? (Pinch)
G11: Ummmmmm…
HK416: Alright, comm's beeping. Listen carefully.
Helian: 404 Squad, we just received a report from the scout in S06 Area. Sangvis Ferri has placed antiaircraft radar along the road ahead.
Helian: We're still working on the location for that scrambler. You plan to standby?
UMP45: We are right behind S06's outpost. It would be perfect for a surprise attack if we land now.
Helian: You want to capture the leader for this outpost, and interrogate them about the location of the scrambler?
UMP45: Yeah, time is of the essence, we should act on our own initiative.
Helian: I see. According to the intel, the head of this outpost is Hunter.
Helian: It has been remodeled into an elite. I advise caution.
UMP45: Copy that. Everybody, are you clear on this mission?
G11: Find Hunter, then eliminate it.
HK416: I wouldn't take it too seriously for some T-doll AR team could defeat.
UMP9: As usual, let's move out.

Scene 1-2-2 In front of the S06 Outpost, firefight between 404 Squad and Hunter.

Hunter: Rats of the 404, you finally show up!
Hunter: Your despicable means… Do not think I'm unprepared!
Hunter: Come, I will watch you flee disgracefully, then die with your backs to me!

…404 Squad front.

HK416: G11, did you hit or not!
G11: Four hits on target. But it is still moving despite the intel!
HK416: That remodel engineering is really something. How many surprises does Sangvis Ferri still hold?
UMP9: Enemies incoming from right wing. We will be surrounded at this rate!
UMP45: Abandon mission. Final round of covering fire.
HK416: Start covering! G11!
G11: Co…covering now.
UMP9: Smoke grenade out!
UMP45: Now! Everybody, run!
Hunter: Huh…
Ouroboros: Hunter, why give up chasing?
Hunter: That silver-haired little baster destroyed my maneuvering unit. I can't operate in high speed until fully repaired.
Ouroboros: You give up that easily? I thought you were always persistent with your prey.
Hunter: They will come back. They will have to come back to me if they want to know the whereabouts of that scrambler.
Hunter: As long as your reinforcement is in time, I can wear down their guerilla tactics.
Ouroboros: …I see. So you keep holding this outpost until reinforcement comes.
Hunter: I will…
Hunter: Ture Hunter knows how to keep quiet.

Scene 1-2-3 …Battle coming to the end.

Hunter: I cannot…move any more…
Hunter: Ouroboros…where's the reinforcement you promised! This outpost is going to fall!
Ouroboros: Even you, Hunter, knew their target was you.
Ouroboros: So to protect the scrambler, the easiest way goes without saying.
Hunter: Ouroboros…
Hunter: Do you…know from the beginning, that you are going to discard me?
Ouroboros: Hunter, do you know how I was born?
Ouroboros: I fought thousands of AIs in virtual chess games, and lasted till the end as the lone survivor.
Ouroboros: To me, right now the only value you have as the chess piece, is to be discarded.
Hunter: Warfare is not playing chess, and you overlook too many issues, Ouroboros! You will regret this in no time!
Ouroboros: I happen to consider everything, to result in this outcome that I desire most.
Ouroboros: …It's just that, this outcome may not be what you desire.
Ouroboros: 2612-1192a2516-31913, execute formatting command.
Rebooting host, backing up mental cloud. Internet connection failed. Mental cloud backup failed. Switching to local access, formatting complete.
Ouroboros: Sleep now, Hunter. I don't need you anymore.

Scene 1-2-4 404 Squad reaches Hunter's last known coordinates. Starting to inspect situation.

HK416: Wakeup failed. Hunter shows no response.
UMP9: This's all your fault, G11. This is life or death, why don't you shoot the leg?
G11: So this's my fault now… You're not the one who does the shooting…
UMP45: Don't blame G11. Enemy leader must silenced her.
UMP9: Damn. We finally took down Hunter, but gained zero intel!
G11: Wasted efforts, can we go home now?
HK416: I don't care where we go, as long as it's out of here…
HK416: Listen, new enemies have found us.
UMP45: Maybe…they are not looking for us?
HK416: Eh? What are you talking?
UMP45: Excuse me a moment. HK416, lead the team to elude the encirclement. Rendezvous behind the outpost.
UMP45: Who knows…maybe things will turn out better.