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Scene 1-1-1 ...5 days after AR-15 going missing

Helian: …Mr. Kryuger, that's all we had on AR-15's latest intel. The Commander and AR team are still in active search.
Helian: In addition, I have approved 404 Squad's request for [emergency command authorization].
Kryuger: You shouldn't if that is not the last resort.
Helian: 404 Squad is facing bigger threat than we anticipated.
Helian: Perhaps that scrambler is indeed related to [Plan Umbrella]
Kryuger: …Well.
Kryuger: Where is 404 Squad now?
Helian: Still in S06 Area, and they have been on the move.
Helian: As for more detailed intel, we shall wait for them to bring it back alive.

Scene 1-1-2 ...Meanwhile, S06 Area, Sangvis Ferri Contested Territory

UMP9: Hey, get up.
UMP9: 416, time to get up~!
UMP9: Hey~~~~!
HK416: Uh…
HK416: …Annoying.
UMP9: Hi! Are you alright, 416?
HK416: If you want me to say "Excellent", you should hurry and help me move the rocks…
UMP9: All right. ETA three minutes till Sangvis Ferri's Encirclement Squad arrives, so let me do something.
UMP9: (Moving rocks)Hear those artillery fire afar? I'll sneak out the second things go south.
HK416: If you dare turn around, I will twist your head back, and only your head.
UMP9: Don't be mad, it's not my fault. Why Sangvis Ferri has to come prepared?
UMP9: It's only a communication scrambler, why are they trying so hard?
HK416: We oversimplified things. Helian making such a high offer, we should know something's not right.
UMP9: Yeah. And now radar stations are everywhere, we'd get fired upon once we show up.
HK416: We have to take those radar station quickly since this is a night combat, or we will have no visibility.
UMP9: Can't do it with just two of us. Sangvis Ferri is using armored corps for this encirclement.
HK416: Is that so…
HK416: No wonder our ammo is doing nothing. Can you get your hands on Armor-Piercing rounds?
UMP9: Sis is still figuring things out, I don't know…if there is any way…
HK416: Don't kid me, 9. 45 has got a plan already, right?
UMP9: (Stops) Eh? Why…
HK416: Three minutes are up, and you are still here.
UMP9: Ha… ♪
UMP9: Consider yourself lucky. This is the last one, come out.
UMP9: I'll contact Sis. You find a place for ambush.
UMP9: But really, Sangvis Ferri's commando will be here any minute, shouldn't you pray?
HK416: If everything goes well for 45, it's Sangvis Ferri who should pray.
UMP45: Calling UMP9, has 416 die yet?
HK416: Sorry to disappoint, tell me you are leading us to retreat now.
UMP45: Party's not over yet, 416. We're not planning to give up.
UMP45: I'll lead you to break through, and 9 will join me for new task.
UMP45: 416, G11 is still at Sangvis Ferri's territory tapping intel. You will cross the battlefield to protect her, and we will coordinate with you.
HK416: (Sighs) Don't rush to order. You want us, two unequipped T-dolls, to face an armored army?
UMP9: (Quietly) And…search for scrambler blindfolded.
UMP45: Don't worry, just now, Helian granted me [emergency command authorization].
UMP45: Griffin also gives us access to [equipment]. All your problems are solved.
UMP9: Great. With Griffin's supplies, echelons and AP rounds are no longer concern.
HK416: What about visibility at night? Now we can barely distinguish enemies.
UMP45: We could use Handgun T-dolls' recon ability to enhance our FOV at night.
UMP45: And I'll use echelons to take control of those radar stations, in order to gain more FOV.
UMP9: AP rounds, Handgun T-dolls and radar stations. Odds will be in our favor if we have those three!
UMP45: Our FOV is limited, so don't act recklessly.
UMP45: Try not to alarm too many enemies. Be prepared then move out.