Story/Normal 1-6 (Part1)/Script

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Scene 1-6-1

Helian: The final battle is about to start commander.
Helian: The target for this operation is this T-doll.
Helian: Please keep the intelligence of this SANGVIS FERRI leader in mind.
Helian: Model SP65, call sign “Scarecrow”.
Helian: According to what we gathered from the rescued T-doll, it knows the specific objective of the recent SANGVIS FERRI attacks.
Helian: The goal of the operation is to capture and obtain her memory module.
Helian: Unlike the previous skirmishes, this time your echelon will be facing an advanced T-doll.
Helian: However, since you have made it all the way here, I believe you are capable of handling the situation.
Helian: Mission is a go, commander, good luck.