Story/Normal 1-5 (Part2)/Script

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Scene 1-5-2

Successfully captured SANGVIS FERRI reconnaissance outpost. The rescue team have successfully infiltrated the area during the chaos.
… Half an hour after start of mission, rescue team arrived at target area.
Grifon T-doll: (Gesture) Standby …
Grifon T-doll: (Gesture) 3…2…1…
… Combat initiated.
PPSh41: All clear.
VZ61: …
VZ61: Pa… Pah-Pah-sha?
PPSh41: It’s me, Skorpion. We are here to rescue you.
VZ61: Pah-Pah-sha… You are still alive?
VZ61: Am I dreaming?...
PPSh41: (Smile) You idiot , do we even dream?
PPSh41: Don’t worry, it’s alright now.
… Rescue operation accomplished.

Scene 1-5-3

… An hour later, VZ61 safely arrived at command post.
Helian: …
Helian: So, you didn’t compromise the location of AR squad.
VZ61: Yes, the location I gave them in the end was a false one.
VZ61: Even if it is just for the comrades we lost, I will never surrender to them.
Helian: I believe you, VZ61.
Helian: As for the objective of that ‘Scarecrow’, we could only find out after we capture it.
VZ61: Ms. Helian. If we are going to capture Scarecrow, count me in in the operation.
Helian: All slots on my team are taken.
Helian: If you lust for revenge, I will assign you a new commander.
Helian: This commander contributed greatly in your rescue operation. Don't let the commander down.
VZ61: Yes, ma’am! No matter where I go, as long as I get to stay in Grifon, I will do my best.