Story/Normal 1-4 (Part2)/Script

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Scene 1-4-2

Successfully occupied the SANGVIS FERRI command post, uploading relevant data.
Waiting for result from HQ. Moments later …
Kalina: Commander, the results are in!
Kalina: While HQ was sorting through the data, they restored some useful information.
Kalina: Good news is that VZ61 is still alive, but she's not in a good situation…
Kalina: Anyway, let’s watch this video first!

Scene 1-4-3

… Playing video.
In a wreckage near battlefield, VZ61 is being interrogated by a SANGVIS FERRI T-doll.
Scarecrow: Your cunning is slightly beyond my calculation, VZ61.
VZ61: I was just … confessing possible locations …
Scarecrow: You were just … buying yourself some time.
Scarecrow: How pitiful . While you were suffering from interrogation for your friends, they have long abandoned you.
VZ61: No, they will call for help, she promised!
Scarecrow: Let me remind you once again, little wretch.
Scarecrow: They are the AR squad, cold, efficient elite T-dolls.
Scarecrow: For them, you are just a disposable consumable.
VZ61: No … no!
VZ61: I won't be tricked by you. M4A1 is my friend!
Scarecrow: She’s not your friend, little wretch.
Scarecrow: Tell me her whereabouts, and I might be merciful and toss you on the side of the road like trash…
Scarecrow: … Just like what your friends have done to you.
Scarecrow: Your friendship, are but a preset lies.
Scarecrow: This is your last chance… tell me, where did she go ?