Story/Normal 1-4 (Part1)/Script

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Scene 1-4-1

Helian: … Commander, I'll explain the details on this mission so please pay attention.
Helian: We have a T-doll VZ-61 who is currently missing in action and we suspects that she has already fallen into enemy hands .
Helian: She might carry some important intel, so we must retrieve her.
Helian: Right now our primary goal is to locate this missing T-doll so that we can start the rescue operation as soon as possible.
Helian: Commander, your task is to search this area for a SANGVIS FERRI command post, and gather valuable operational records.
Helian: One more thing, commander.
Helian: Unlike the previous outposts, the enemies here will actively search for and attack our echelons. Please be careful.