Story/Normal 1-3 (Part2)/Script

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Scene 1-3-2

… The outpost was successfully shutdown . Transport route now confirmed to be safe.
Helian: Well done commander. The wounded T-dolls will soon arrive.
Helian: The reason why we put high value on these wounded is because they might have witnessed some intel.
Helian: If this intel is true, we might be soon be facing frontal attacks from SANGVIS FERRI’s forces.
Helian: … Yes, ‘We’, that includes your echelons, commander.
… Beep
Transmission notice pop up behind Helian.
Helian: Well, it seems that those wounded have arrived.
Helian: Now, will you excuse me commander.

Scene 1-3-3

Grifon HQ,the wounded T-dolls have arrived at factory.
MAC10: Huh, home already …
MAC10: There is nothing fun on way back at all,it's so boring.
Helian: Save it, Ingram.
Helian: If it wasn’t for some T-dolls calling HQ for rescue, you girls would be in serious trouble.
MAC10: Psst, I was hoping for a desperate fight.
MAC10: Because for someone like me, the more that I get wounded, the more I'll enjoy combat.
Helian: Not this time Ingram, at least.
Helian: You are the few survivors who can still speak. I have something to confirm from you.
MAC10: Yeah right, you are the boss.
Helian: What did STG-44 and PPsh-43 encounter back then. Do you still remember anything?
MAC10: All I knew was that the Agent was coming, and she was after something very badly.
MAC10: Thanks for that we were not her target, we barely got out alive.
Helian: Mhm …
Helian: Right now the only one missing is VZ61, you know her pretty well, do you have any clue where she is?
MAC10: (Shrug) Sorry, I wasn’t on the front line at that moment.
MAC10: But… If she is still alive, she should have left behind some clues.
MAC10: She … can be very smart during critical moments.
Helian: … Alright then.
Helian: You are all done here. Now go repair.
MAC10: … Ms. Helian
MAC10: Either for Skorpion or for the others … Are we going to get our revenge ?
Helian: …
Helian: Go repair, Ingram.
Helian: Soon … you will have all the fun you can hope for.
MAC10: (Smirk) … Roger that.
MAC10: This is what I like to hear.