Story/Normal 1-3 (Part2)/Script

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Scene 1-3-2

… Sangvis outpost successfully shut down . Transport route safety confirmed.
Helian: Well done, Commander. The injured T-dolls should arrive any minute.
Helian: These T-Dolls are especially valued because they are possible witnesses to some intel.
Helian: If the intel proves to be true, it might mean open war between us and Sangvis Ferri.
Helian: … Yes, ‘Us’, and that includes your troops, Commander.
… Click.
A ping comes from behind Helian.
Helian: Oh? Looks like the T-Dolls are back.
Helian: Please excuse me.

Scene 1-3-3

Griffin Headquarters. The damaged T-dolls have arrived at the factory.
MAC10: Humph, so we're back already …
MAC10: Not the slightest bit of fun during the whole thing,I was bored to tears.
Helian: Save it, Ingram.
Helian: If it hadn't been for the T-Dolls that came to HQ's aid,, you'd be in big trouble.
MAC10: tsk. It was a chance for me to risk my life.
MAC10: After all, the riskier it is, the more I revel in combat.
Helian: Not this time, Ingram.
Helian: You are one of the few survivors still capable of speech. There are some things i have to confirm with you.
MAC10: Fine, you are the boss. Whatever you say
Helian: What happened to STG-44 and PPsh-43, Do you remember?
MAC10: I only know that Agent got there. She seemed to be in a hurry chasing something.
MAC10: We only made it out alive because we weren't her targets.
Helian: Hmm …
Helian: VZ61 is the only one missing. You two are close, aren't you?, do you know her whereabouts?
MAC10: (Shrugs) Sorry, I wasn’t on the front line back then.
MAC10: However… If she is still alive, she'll probably find a way to leave behind clues.
MAC10: That gal...can be very smart when it counts.
Helian: … Understood.
Helian: That's all I need from you. Go and get repaired.
MAC10: … Miss Helian
MAC10: Will we have our vengeance...for Skorpion, and all the other T-Dolls?
Helian: …
Helian: Hurry up and get yourself patched up, Ingram.
Helian: Very Soon … you can have your share of fun.
MAC10: (Grins) … Understood.
MAC10: That's exactly what I want to hear.