Story/Normal 1-2 (Part2)/Script

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Scene 1-2-3

… We succesfully crushed the Sangvis squad and destroyed the communication system in their command post.
Helian: The operation went smoothly, you did quite well, Commander…
Helian: No … I must say, your permormance against the Sangvis forces far exceeded my expectations.
Helian: Hmm? Is there something you're not clear on Sangvis Ferri?
Helian: … True. Your enlistment was a bit rushed so you haven't had much chance to acquire more information.

Scene 1-2-4

Helian: Sangvis Ferri Manifacture is an industrial producer specializing in Tactical Dolls.
Helian: Due to their possession of some undisclosed technology, Sangvis T-Dolls have extremely high battle efficiency.
Helian: However, not long ago, their T-dolls suddenly went rogue and launched indiscriminate attack against all humans within their factory.
Helian: They are now occupying a vast area of human settlements, and strategically expanding their territory.

Scene 1-2-5

Helian: These Sangvis T-Doll are, without a doubt, enemies of humanity.
Helian: As their territory borders areas under Griffin jurisdiction, we have been recruiting suitable candidates to assume command and coordinate our operations.
Helian: And so, Commander, once again I welcome you to Grifon.
Helian: No matter what the future has in store for us, I thank you for being here today.
… Click.
An incoming call request from HQ pinged in the channel.
Helian: Sorry, give me a second …
Helian turns and corresponds with HQ.
Helian: Yes … yes.
Helian: Hmm? Those T-Dolls have been found? … Thank goodness. (sigh of relief)
Helian: … That can be arranged. I have someone here who can provide aid.
Helian: Sure. Leave it to me, Mr. Kryuger.
Helian: … Sorry for the wait, Commander.
Helian: I just received a call from HQ. I'll be giving you an important mission.
Helian: Let me confirm the Intel first. See you in a bit.