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Scene 1-2-3

… Our forces have successfully eliminated all enemy units, and destroyed the comm equipment in their command post.
Helian: A successful operation, you’ve done well, commander…
Helian: Rather … your combat performance was well beyond my expectation.
Helian: Huh? Is there anything about SANGVIS FERRI you don’t know about?
Helian: … right … your recruitment was quite rushed, and you haven’t got the chance to learn more information.

Scene 1-2-4

Helian: “SANGVIS FERRI”, was an industrial manufacture whose main business is the construction of T-dolls.
Helian: And they controlled some secret technology, which allowed their T-dolls to be extremely efficient during combat.
Helian: However, not long ago, T-dolls from this factory suddenly lost control, and indiscriminately slaughtered the humans in that factory.
Helian: They are now occupying vast human habitats, and are expanding their territory systematically .

Scene 1-2-5

Helian: There is no doubt that, T-dolls from SANGVIS FERRI are now enemy to humanity.
Helian: Due to the fact that the areas under our protection are bordering SANGVIS FERRI territory, we have called up emergency recruitment among suitable people to assist commanding combat.
Helian: Therefore, commander, I again welcome you to Grifon.
Helian: No matter what happens in the future, we thank you for being here.
… Beep
Communication request from HQ coming through channel.
Helian: Excuse me for a second …
Helian turned around to talk with HQ.
Helian: Yes … affirmative.
Helian: What? We found those T-dolls? … That’s great news. (sigh with relief)
Helian: … Yes, I have spare forces and we can assist with the pick-up.
Helian: Yes, let me handle this, Mr. Kryuger.
Helian: … Sorry to keep you waiting, Commander.
Helian: I just received a contact from HQ. We have an important mission for you.
Helian: I’m going to validate mission Intel. We shall meet again later.