Story/Normal 1-2 (Part1)/Script

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Scene 1-2-1

Arriving at Grifon S09 Tactical Command Post
Preparing to proceed to the next combat training according to schedule …
Kalina: Sorry, commander …
Kalina: We were supposed to carry on with combat training, but there is a change in plan …
Kalina: Cause right now HQ needs serious assistants, so …
??: … Let me explain the situation.
Kalina: Uh! … Please go ahead, Ms. Helian.
… Video transmission from HQ coming through.
Serious woman: …
Serious woman: Greetings, commander.
Serious woman: I'm Helianthus, a senior representative of Grifon.
Helian: Let’s save the chit chat, and just call me Helian.
Helian: As you know, recently, SANGVIS FERRI has launched several attacks upon Grifon controlled S09 district without any declarations.
Helian: These attacks have brought serious blow to our reputation. Therefore, the higher-ups take this situation very seriously.
Helian: While HQ is intercepting the incoming SANGVIS FERRI, they send me to investigate the origin of the attacks.
Helian: According to orders, commander, I need your full assistant throughout the investigation.
Kalina: Mm… Excuse me, Ms. Helian.
Kalina: Our commander is a new recruit, and has only attended one training exercise. There might be a lack of experience…
Helian: (Sigh) … seems a bit forced, but we don’t have the men or time on this one.
Helian: But don’t worry commander, according to your previous records, you are up to this task.
Helian: As for experience, you can make up for those on the real battlefield…

Scene 1-2-2

Helian: Reports just came in that enemy activities have been spotted behind the frontline. We suspect that it might be a recon force from SANGVIS FERRI.
Helian: We estimate a small group of enemy, but we can’t let them slip by at this critical moment.
Helian: Please dispatch your echelons to the designated area, destroy SANGVIS FERRI units and command post, and prevent leakage of our intelligence.
Helian: That’s it, commander, do your best, and let us see if you are truly worthwhile.