Story/Normal 1-1 (Part2)/Script

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Scene 1-1-3

… Drill operation succesful. Commencing final wrap-ups
At that moment …
Sten Mk-2: Excuse me … are you Griffin troops?
Sten Mk-2: Oh, thank goodness! Safe at last! Could you take me with you?
Sten Mk-2: Thank you very much commander! I will do my best!

Scene 1-1-4

… We seem to have come across a stranded T-Doll manifactured by Griffin,
so we've brought her back along with our troops.
Kalina: Huh? A stranded T-doll?
Kalina: Thank goodness you took her in, that poor thing.
Kalina: Sangvis attacks have intensified all of a sudden in the last few days.
Kalina: We've lost a few command posts, and lots of T-Dolls were either stranded or left behind.
Kalina: So if it's possible, please save as many of 'em as you can.
Kalina: Not just to expand our forces, but also to save HQ some manifacturing orders.
Kalina: And more importantly, these T-Dolls are all hella cute!
Kalina: …I know right? I just knew you'd love 'em!
Kalina: Human or T-Doll, we all have our missions, and are all irreplacable members of Griffin.
Kalina: With that in mine, I'm sure you'll rock this job!
Kalina: Now to give you a better idea of you job, Commander...

Scene 1-1-5

Kalina: Griffin security contractors is a private military organization comprised mainly of T-dolls.
Kalina: it is our duty to accept commisions from financial groups and other organizations and safeguard human settlements.
Kalina: As of now, the biggest threat to our territories is from rogue T-dolls of Manifactured by Sangvis Ferri.

Scene 1-1-6

Kalina: And your job is to manage and direct T-doll troops in repelling Sangvis forces in the area.
Kalina: I'm sure you'll do great. the drill result speaks for itself, right?
Kalina: Then that settles it! For the sake of everyone at Griffin, please make good use of your talent!
Kalina: And that is the end of the operation, Commander.
Kalina: Oh, remember to check your list of [Quests] and accept that T-doll's enlistment.