Story/Normal 1-1 (Part2)/Script

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Scene 1-1-3

… Combat training accomplished. Entering the final stage.
Meanwhile …
Stein Mk-2: Excuse me … are you one of Grifon’s echelons?
Stein Mk-2: Ah! Lucky me, can I come with you?
Stein Mk-2: Thank you very much commander, I will do the best I can.

Scene 1-1-4

… It seems that we have just recovered a lost Grifon T-doll.
Anyway, she returned with the echelon …
Kalina: Eh? A lost Grifon T-doll?
Kalina: Thankfully, you've adopted her. Otherwise, she’s too miserable.
Kalina: SANGVIS FERRI suddenly increased the intensity of their attacks recently.
Kalina: We've lost several command post. Lots of T-dolls were either lost or abandoned.
Kalina: So… if you can… please help these T-dolls as much as you can.
Kalina: It’s not just for acquiring reinforcement or cutting cost for headquarters…
Kalina: but also because these T-dolls are really cute!
Kalina: … right? right? I knew it! Commander loves them!
Kalina: It does not matter if you are human or a T-doll. We all have our own duty, and we are all necessary part of Grifon!
Kalina: Burying this belief in heart, and you will surely accomplish your tasks !
Kalina: Now, commander, you have known your job, right?

Scene 1-1-5

Kalina: Grifon security contractors, is a private military group mainly composed of T-dolls.
Kalina: And the duty of Grifon is to accept employment from consortium and organization, and to defend human settlements.
Kalina: Currently, the biggest threat to the territories protected by Grifon is from rogue T-dolls of SANGVIS FERRI .

Scene 1-1-6

Kalina: And your job is to manage and command T-doll echelons, and fight against the local SANGVIS FERRI forces.
Kalina: You're is surely up to this task. What you have achieved in the previous training speaks for itself.
Kalina: That's deal! For everyone in Grifon, please try your best to put your talents into good use!
Kalina: So, commander, that’s it for today’s combat training.
Kalina: Ah, remember to check out [Mission] reports and officially accept that doll's enrolment request.