Story/Normal 1-1 (Part1)/Script

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Scene 1-1-1 Grifon S09 Tactical Command Post

Vivacious girl: Good morning, commander.
Vivacious girl: This is your first time at a Grifon command center right? How does it feel ?
Vivacious girl: It is wonderful that you finally decided to take office in Grifon.
Kalina: Allow me to first introduce myself. My name is Kalina, and I will be your logistics officer from now on.
Kalina: Just call me Kalin. And you …
Kalina: “Choose us, Join us! Grifon private military contractor, resharpen the edge of the world! ”
Kalina: That’s right! From now on, you are one of the tactical commanders who serve under Grifon!
Kalina: … Eh, are you still worrying about whether you are up to the tasks?
Kalina: Don't worry, Grifons selection process is notoriously strict.
Kalina: Since you have already passed those tests, you must have some sort of reliable talents.
Kalina: And, with the up-coming training, I will help you realize your true talents.
Kalina: Now, please switch to tactical map.

Scene 1-1-2

Kalina: Commander, can you hear me?
Kalina: Your T-dolls are ready. We are good to go any moment.
Kalina: Please deploy them and begin the training!