Story/Normal 0-1 (Part1)/Script

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Scene 0-1-1

A month ago, Contested zone of Area S09......
M4A1: Current time 0559 hour, weathers good.
M16A1: Let's make start, M4.

Scene 0-1-2

M4A1: Persica, this is AR Team.
M4A1: We successfully infiltrated into Ferri controlled region and arrived at Rendezvous point A, coordinates V6J69-HJYRV. No winds, Visual's clear.
M4A1: Repeating mission objective- Locate all information and data related to "LYCO" and transfer to 16LAB.

Scene 0-1-3

SOPMOD II: Soo... Where do we start?
AR-15: Start by capturing an enemy command post, access their data base and acquire some Intel.
M4A1: Target will be the command post there.
M4A1: AR Team, begin operation!