Story/Night 2-4 (Part2)/Script

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Scene 2-4-2

...M9's temporary location, battle against Sangvis Ferri commences.
M9: Ferri leader's dummy detected! M21, get ready!
(Radio) M21: Smile for the camera, Ferri trash!
(Radio) M1911: Ferri armoured units haven't reacted yet, Ingram, now!
(Radio) Mac10: Ahhahahaha! Boom, get blown to bits, you bastards!
(Radio) M1928A1: Your turn, SuperSASS, assault the command post!
(Radio) M1928A1: Military forces are also approaching the command post, don't give them the chance!
(Radio) SuperSASS: Roger, on my way!
(Radio) Mac10: Haha! Run SuperSASS, RUN!

Scene 2-4-3

...Ferri units retreating.
(Radio) M21: Get ahead of the military, otherwise we will have to silence them.
(Radio) M1911: Don't make jokes like that, M21, What if they are humans.
(Radio) Mac10: Heh, Mankind produced weapon to fight amongst themselves.
(Radio) M9: Don't listen to her, SuperSASS.
(Radio) M9: We civilian type Androids are too cute, if we encounter humans we'll just have to put on a cute act!
(Radio) SuperSASS: (Laughs awkwardly) Sorry, I never had that kind of training.
(Radio) M21: Ehh, the new employees have it so easy, I had to have a test for making jokes.
(Radio) Mac10: Hah, I bet you was fired from stand-up comedy before coming to G&K.
(Radio) M1911: You can't just randomly ask the employment history of fellow comrades Ingram.
(Radio) M1911: What is important is we are all currently members of G&K.
(Radio) SuperSASS: SuperSASS have control of the command post, repeat, command post under control!

Scene 2-4-4

(Radio) M21: Here comes day light, and we won.
(Radio) M1928A1: 1911, ask Helian for a bonus, Can't believe how much I had to do.
(Radio) M1911: That's going to have to wait, I have to give commander a victory kiss.
(Radio) M21: So 1911 won in this operation, right?
(Radio) M1911: Win? What are you talking about?
(Radio) M1911: Speaking of M9, is she offline already?
(Radio) M1911: M9? M9 here?
(Radio) Mac10: You're late, 1911, M9 is headed for tactical command.
(Radio) M1928A1: Hah, you really shouldn't have rescued her.

Scene 2-4-5

M1911: ...
M1911: Some G&K members... Still have a long way to go...