Story/Night 2-3 (Part2)/Script

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Scene 2-3-2

...Grifon Echelon arrived at rendezvous point.
(Radio) M1911: Thompson, how is the view over there, which sniper did you pick?
M1928A1: M21, leaving this to your expertise, hit them where it hurts.
M21: Alright, but who am I aiming at, military? or Ferri?
M1928A1: This ain't the time for joking around...
M1928A1: But, since we are civilian models, we do tend to "malfunction" occasionally.
M21: Heh, under the condition that we finish the mission, raise the barrel by 1 cm... How does that sound?
M1928A1: Under the contract's allowance range, play around a little.
(Radio) M9: Ahh!! Thompson, can you hear this!
(Radio) M9: Fighting! Fighting going on where I am, where are you guys, hurry up and come get me!
M1928A1: Ehh... I thought you said you could handle it.
(Radio) M9: But the military forces started fighting all of a sudden! I almost got hit by an artillery shell!
(Radio) M9: And there are Ferri everywhere, I can't hold much longer!
M1928A1: I can't be of a help to you as a front line captain, try 1911.
(Radio) M9: (wail)... 1911, I'm sorry, you win this round of contest!
(Radio) M1911: (sigh) ...I never wanted a contest.
(Radio) M1911: Well then support echelon, time for your show.

Scene 2-3-3

M9: Eh? All the Ferri... Gone?
M9: You, you're with us?
SuperSASS: New employee of G&K, SuperSASS, at your service, Miss M9.
M9: Th...Thank you...
M9: You're my hero, Super... Whatever it was!
SuperSASS: It's SuperSASS, Miss M9.
SuperSASS: Also, you're squeezing me too tight...

Scene 2-3-4

M1928A1: Phew, luckily you arranged back-ups, otherwise can't imagine it ending too well for M9.
(Radio) M1911: (Sigh) Only M9 is safe, Thompson.
M1928A1: Yeah, but SuperSASS came just in time, I was wondering who should I send to assist M9.
(Radio) SuperSASS: Eh? Going where?
M1928A1: Going take some glory and honour for G&K, SuperSASS, we're counting on you.
(Radio) SuperSASS: Ehh? What?... Me?