Story/Night 2-3 (Part1)/Script

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Scene 2-3-1

(Radio) M1911: Thompson, did you hear the artillery firing from near my position?
M1928A1: Huh, the military started a bit early it seems.
(Radio) M1911: (sigh) They never trusted us.
M1928A1: Stick to the plan. We're not the front line, no friendly fire, no problems.
(Radio) M1911: Well, we have a slight... Complication.
(Radio) M1911: Where M9 was deployed might have became the front line, and you know, the destructive power of military type Androids...
M1928A1: I ain't got time for her, you have a back-up plan yeah?
(Radio) M1911: Boss, continue operation, take everyone to the next rendezvous point.