Story/Night 2-2 (Part2)/Script

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Scene 2-2-2

...Grifon Echelon arrived at rendezvous point.
M1928A1: Ingram, I'll let you handle this spot, make yourself at home.
Mac10: Ahh? Me?
Mac10: Really... How long do I have to stay here?
M1928A1: Quite a while, military forces are still in deployment, not yet announced when the operation starts.
Mac10: Why do we even bother employing the military, we can take out those trash ourselves right.
M1928A1: Well, if someone else is willing to do it, we ain't gotta fight and bleed ourselves.
Mac10: (sigh) But I'm actually here for the fighting and bleeding, Thompson.
Mac10: I joined this operation out of my respect for the way you handle things.
M1928A1: Sorry to disappoint you then, all of my past deeds were done strictly under the G&K's guidelines, all carefully planned.
Mac10: Including those underhand dealings?
M1928A1: All under the allowance of the contract... Here, take this.
Mac10: This... Explosive trigger?
M1928A1: Part of your work here. After the task, do what you want with this.
Mac10: Huh, you're not so boring after all.
M1928A1: Make us proud, Ingram, you should be glad to be part of G&K.
M1928A1: Play to your heart's content, within the contract's allowance range.