Story/Night 2-2 (Part1)/Script

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Scene 2-2-1

(Radio) M1911: Everything proceeding smoothly so far Thompson.
M1928A1: Ha, guess who was put in charge of the operation here.
(Radio) M1911: Don't get ahead of yourself yet, we still have a couple more locations to cover.
M1928A1: I've got a professional over here with me, infiltration is going to be child's play.
(Radio) M1911: With commander darling on our side, success is guaranteed.
(Radio) M1911: (Whispers) But some of the T-dolls we have... Some real problematic T-dolls...
M1928A1: Heh, I know. I don't think the Boss man is happy about those T-dolls being sent on this kind of mission.
(Radio) M1911: Have you thought about how to deal with her? Without ruining too much working atmosphere...
M1928A1: haha, I ain't like Springfield, I'll have to work it out slowly.
M1928A1: Lets get a move on girls, can't have the Boss waiting around too for too long.