Story/Night 2-1 (Part2)/Script

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Scene 2-1-2

...Grifon Echelon arrived at rendezvous point.
M1928A1: Nice one Boss, now I have to discuss the next move with our tactician.
M1928A1: 1911, come in, 1911.
(Radio) M1911: Faster than I anticipated, looks like the commander can't wait to see me.
M1928A1: Less of that. I need to deploy some of my girls at this spot, give me some advices.
(Radio) M1911: This spot is mostly planed for reconnaissance task, best leave it to a Handgun type.
(Radio) M1911: Handgun, who else is a good choice, apart from you...
M9: Let me handle it Miss Thompson! I can do it better than 1911!
M1928A1: Nice attitude, G&K is in need of proactive Androids like you.
M9: Hehe, I'll take all the chances I can get, to prove that I'm superior than a certain "Granny"!
(Radio) 1911: M9, you know I can hear that right...
M1928A1: Ok, leaving the reconnaissance task to you then M9, and I have to find someone to cover you...
M9: No need for that, our man-power is running low as it is right?
M9: I can handle reconnaissance task on my own, I have a few escape tricks up my sleeves.
M1928A1: Don't over do yourself, the battlefield is ever changing M9.
M9: Don't worry about it, I've handled countless Ferri with the commander.
M1928A1: Right, you watch back out here, everyone else, on me!