Story/Emergency 1-1 (Part1)/Script

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Scene 1-1E-1

A Remote call at Griffin Control.
Helian : Hello commander.
Helian: What you need to do today is participate in a special training.
Helian: Your performance was very commendable for a rookie.
Helian: But under such unusual circumstances, we don't have much time for you to accumulate practical experience.
Helian: Which is why HQ has drawn additional training regimen for you to help you familiarize yourself with your duties.

Scene 1-1E-2

Helian: We have placed enemy simulations on your first battlefield based on previous battle records.
Helian: It may be the same field, but the enemy troops greatly outnumber those in your previous battles.
Helian: Work hard and prove yourself. Only then will we feel secure in investing more capital on you.