Story/Emergency 1-1 (Part1)/Script

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Scene 1-1E-1 Remote communication from Grifon command center

Helian : Hello commander.
Helian: Today you are scheduled to participate in a special training session.
Helian: Your previous performance was not bad, for a new recruit.
Helian: However, these are unusual times, and we don't have the time for you to gradually gain combat experience.
Helian: Therefore, HQ have prepared a series of extra training missions for you, so as to help you get used to your duties as fast as possible.

Scene 1-1E-2

Helian: We have placed dummies on your first battlefield based on gathered intel.
Helian: Even though it's the same battlefield, enemies here are much stronger than what you have encountered previously.
Helian: Please do your best to prove yourself. Only then can we be assured to invest more resources on you.