Story/E2-3 Part 2/Script

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[Half an hour later.]

[Bang bang!]

Vector: Seele, can you hold on?

Seele: Seele… is fine… I think! But Vector-nee...

Vector: I’ll live. Everything will be fine as long as you’re alright. FInd a way to compose yourself, like taking deep breaths, doing math, or chatting, basically anything besides stabbing me in the back!

Seele: Uu… Seele, Seele understands!

[The Slain are still pouring on.]

Vector: Keep moving back, we’re almost to the surface!

Seele: Your, your feet!

[Bang bang!]

[Vector suddenly senses a writhing Slain and kicks it away before putting two more rounds in it.]

Vector: …Thank you...

Seele: What’s wrong?

Vector: Nothing, I’m just not used to thanking people. If you were PP90, I’d probably have snapped at her. Hah… I do need her reminders after all...

Seele: She must be… a very trustworthy friend, right?

Vector: She looks a lot like your Bronya-nee. However, she’s much noisier… I’ve never managed to get along with dolls like that. She’s nice to everyone and everyone likes her, she’s just terrible - Seele, keep backing up!

[Vector brings Seele with her as they withdraw into the depths of the tunnels.]
[The Slain offensive eases off a little.]

Seele: You don’t like her, Vector-nee?

Vector: I don’t like myself, I guess… I don’t know if I should be telling her “thanks” or “sorry”...

Seele: Seele understands… Vector and Seele are… very similar...

Vector: Maybe… anyway, you’ll be gone soon, so you should just forget about it.

[Bang bang! Bang bang!]

Seele: Seele doesn’t want to go. Seele wants to find Bronya-nee and stay here forever...

Vector:You can’t stay here. There’s nothing good about this world at all.

Seele: It’s better than Seele’s world… Seele’s world doesn’t have anything...

Vector: Hm? Don’t you have a lot of friends?

Seele: No, Seele has nothing… no “home”... no Bronya-nee… not even… Seele herself...

[Vector freezes for a moment.]

Vector: What… are you saying?

Seele: Vector-nee, the way behind us is blocked.

Vector: …!

[Vector turns and sees that their route of escape has been completely blocked off by the ruins of a wall from above.]

Vector: Well, this is fantastic...

[Vector throws up her hands in exasperation, then turns around and points her weapon at the Slain.]

Vector: It must have been the storm from before… sorry, Seele. I didn’t expect this route to be the death of us.

Seele: Vector-nee… have you given up?

Vector: Sorry, but my will’s never been that strong.

[Bang bang!]

Seele: Vector-nee… don’t you want to see PP90-nee again?

Vector: I don’t know. If you weren’t here, this might have been a good way to die.

[Bang bang!]

Vector: Seele, do you hate me? I promised to take you to safety, but now I can’t...

Seele: No, Seele thinks… this is good… this is fine...

Seele: Soon… your wish will come true, Vector-nee...

Vector: …?

[Vector notices that Seele seems to be laughing. Just then-]

???: Ooooi! VIvi! Seele! Are you there!?

Vector: PP90, is that you?

PP90: Vivi-! I just knew you’d come this way! Ah, sorry for calling you a name you don’t like...

Vector: Get us out of here first and we’ll settle things later! Also, we’re in a lot of trouble, so don’t say you’re alone!

PP90: I am alone, but I have explosives. Can you back up!

Vector: How far back? We’ve got a horde of Slain in front of us!

PP90: Figure it out yourself, I don’t know how thick this wall is either! Protect Seele, I’m going to set off the charges!


Vector: Hey, wait, we haven’t-


Vector: *coughs* PP90! God dammit… Seele… *coughs* Are you alright?

Seele: Seele is alright because Vector-nee protected her...

Vector: My waist… *coughs* … PP90! You idiot! You almost killed me!

PP90: *coughs* Better than letting the Slain kill you! Hurry, take my hand!

Vector: Take Seele first!

Seele: Vector-nee, behind-

[Bang bang!]

PP90: I’ll cover you, now hurry up and get across!

[With PP90’s help, Seele and Vector vault over the obstacle.

Vector: Now block up the gap! The Slain will make their way in through it!

PP90: On it! Come help me!

Vector: What the hell, you’re the one who - Seele! Come help us too!

[Everyone frantically works to block up the gap.]

[After their narrow escape, the three of them lean against the walls and rest, bathed in the howls of the Slain from the other side of the obstacle

Vector:Hah… hah… what the hell were you doing, you idiot...

PP90: Is that how you treat your savior?

[PP bonks Vector’s head.]

Vector: Ow...

PP90: Being able to feel pain means your body’s still fine. Being so fierce just now means that you’ve still got life in you. Are you really Vec… no, Vivi?

Vector: You… you’re enjoying this, aren’t you?

PP90: Yes, I am! I’m super happy!

[PP90 looks at Vector.]

PP90: After all… seeing you still alive...

Vector: …Good thing you came over in person to verify that.

PP90: Oh? Really? Then isn’t there something you should be saying to me?

Vector: *shrugs* I’ll save it for next time. We’re not out of the woods yet.

PP90: Haha, I know you’re not ready. PP90: Oh yes, I almost forgot - you’re Seele-san, aren’t you?

Seele: …Yes. You’re… PP90-san, am I right?

PP90: Ah… yes. Do you know me?

Seele: Yes… from Vector-san, she said… you… Vector-san said you were… a friend...

Vector: Oi, Seele-

PP90: Ah… really? Seele, what else did Vivi say?

Seele: Vector-nee also said… you looked a lot like Bronya-nee...

PP90: Haha… even Bronya herself said so. Ah, yes, Bronya-san’s already returned to the base. We’ll bring you to see her right away, and then you can go back to your original world.

[PP90 reaches a hand out to Seele… but Seele doesn’t respond.]

PP90: …Seele-san?

Seele: …Yes. I’ll see her right away.

Vector: Seele...?

Seele: When I look closer at you, you really do look like Bronya-nee… not just the hairstyle, but also… the desire in your eyes, the loneliness, the wish for friends… so much like how Bronya-nee of the past used to be...

PP90: What… what are you saying?

Vector: Seele, what’s with you? Calm down, get your emotions under-

Seele: PP90-san… how many people have you hurt up till now?

Vector: ...

PP90: I’m a Tactical Doll, made to serve mankind. I don’t hurt humans.

Seele: Hehe...

[Seele laughs gloomily in the darkness]

Seele: Hey, did you know? While most of her body is human, Bronya-nee was once a puppet herself… would you like to know… what Bronya-nee’s battle records were like?

PP90: Seele? What are you talking about? Is this… relevant?

Seele(?): That’s why I can’t stand you… you’re using Bronya-nee’s face, but you’ve put such a disgusting smile on it. You’ve never experienced anything, but you’re shamelessly trying to comfort others.

Vector: Seele! What’s the matter with you!?

[Vector tightens her grip on her weapon.]

Seele(?): I can’t keep pretending any more...

Vector: Huh?

Seele(?): Seele… can’t keep pretending any more in front of someone like you… Seele can’t keep on playing the game of being “Good Seele” any more!

Vector: PP90, look out-

[Vector squeezes her trigger at Seele’s position…. But there’s nothing there.]

Vector: PP90!

[A hideous ripping sound echoes through the tunnel.]
[Vector looks at PP90 and sees that her body has already been cut open by some sharp object.]

PP90: Vi… vi… hurry… run...

[And then, PP90’s body slides down the wall.]

[Amidst the silence, Vector hears something swinging behind her.]

Seele: It’s only when you lose her that you don’t mind what she thinks… am I right, Vector-nee?

[Thump. Vector collapses as well.]

Seele: Time to say goodbye, Vector-nee. Seele doesn’t want to play this game of house again.

Vector: See...le… you were… from the beginning...

Seele: Oh, that’s right. I’ve been Seele and only Seele from start to finish. The… the Seele from the darkness, the “Bad Seele”. Everything since just now was just Seele pretending, as “Mama-sama” arranged.

Vector: Mama...sama…?

Seele: You shouldn’t be concerned about that, right? Also… you don’t really care about Seele, do you? It was so hard for Seele to play that role. How could someone that useless be liked or cherished by anyone?

Vector: Then… why… did you...

Seele: Why did I do it? Isn’t that obvious? Seele: Seele… is a huge hole. If it’s not filled with “love”, then not a single trace of “love” will remain… unless that person… unless I can pack that person in there forever and ever...

Vector: Bron… ya...

Seele: Seele doesn’t need anything else other than Bronya-nee… both your world and mine are all unnecessary. That’s what PP90 is to you, isn’t she, Vector-nee?

Vector: …

Seele: Of course not. You want much more than PP90 wants, don’t you, Vector-nee? Do you want more approval? Or do you want more praise? PP90 was nothing more than a stepping stone, wasn’t she? Seele once thought that dolls would be slightly cleaner than those humans, but in the end, you’re nothing more than the trash made by those filthy brains and hands...

Vector: Is that… what you think of us?

Seele: Trying to cover it up would only make Vector-nee that much uglier, you know. Huh… wait a minute, you didn’t actually think Seele was trying to cheer you up earlier, did you, Vector-nee?

Seele: Don’t be ridiculous. Not laughing at you all this time was a tremendous effort for Seele. As payback, Seele just wants to see you being eaten up in this godforsaken place.

Vector: Those… Slain...

Seele: Oh yes. Seele made all of them. But after that inferior clown pretending to be Bronya-nee showed up, Seele had a more interesting idea. As for you… well, if you died together, would you feel worse… or… would you feel happy?

[Seele heads off into the distance, and the howling behind Vector draws ever closer.]

Seele:[Although… Seele has no interest in any answer that could be gained from your bodies.

Vector: Dammit… Seele… you can’t… you can’t go to the base…!

Seele: Seele… is going to fulfil her own wish. Her sole, irreplaceable wish. Goodbye, Vector-nee. You, your loathsome little wish and the rest of this world can all die together.

[Seele’s form vanishes at the end of the tunnel.]

[An unknown amount of time later.]

Kiana: Seele!? Seele, you’re back!?

Bronya: Welcome back, Seele.

Mei: Seele, where are PP90 and Vector? Why didn’t they come back with you?

[An unknown amount of time later.]


[Alarms ring throughout the Griffin base.]

Theresa: Hurry, get after her! Himeko, use “that”, we’re out of time!

Himeko: Here!?

Theresa: ANy later and Seele’s going to wreck this base! Hurry!


Mei: Bronya-!

Vector: …!

[The howling behind her wakes Vector up. The Slain dolls have broken through the barricade and have crawled up behind her.

Vector: PP… 90… there’s something… I haven’t been able to tell you all this time… Today… really was the worst day in my life… but if I hadn’t known you so well, then maybe I would have just died normally instead.

[Vector fights the pain and struggles to her feet.]

Vector: Right now… I’ve got no choice but to live on… for you.