Story/E2-2 Part 1/Script

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Destroyer: I thought… I’d found a real human friend...


Destroyer: What… what should I do now… the base… the base is in ruins! Agent-san is going to scrap me! Uwahhh!

[That woman stepped out of the smoke, with an apologetic smile on her face.]

Mei: I’m sorry… I destroyed your home, so let me help you out in exchange.


Mei: Griffin? Are they the dolls who bullied you? I’m not too sure what happened, but I’ll make sure you’re safe.


Mei: So the Breakdown Energy’s already started spreading here? Just as well… I’ll teach you how to control it, to make it a new source of strength for you to fight your enemies. However, don’t use too much of it or it’ll consume you and make you do things you can’t take back… just like I did once… I don’t want that to happen to you. You’re you… so just trust me on the rest.


Destroyer: It was all the same in the end. It was just like the story Dreamer told… after leaving the maze, the deer went back to the forest and the human went back to her friends… it’s alright… it’s not a problem at all… besides, I’ve already gained what I wanted… power! The power to destroy everything!

Destroyer: Come! Receive the flames of my wrath and be destroyed by my complete form! Ladies of Griffin… and ”Destiny”, your end is at hand!


Kiana: So this is… what SF looks like after Breakdown Energy eats away at them? Just how deep does her grudge against Griffin run, anyway?

PP90: Given her appearance… there were other factors which led to her grudge...


Himeko: Kiana! Can you hear that? A whole bunch of SF and Slain have surrounded our base!

Theresa: Oi oi, this is a big problem you’ve caused here! You’ve got enemies from two worlds after you!

Kiana: Don’t worry! Leave it to me! Our enemy just grew one size! Don’t forget, we’ve got friends from two worlds here too! Although we haven’t found Bronya yet...

Mei: Believe in Bronya. She’ll be back. In any case, with all these enemies surrounding us, we should make Destroyer our priority. It’s time to put an end to everything...

PP90: Yeah, before V… Vivi comes back! Let’s clear out the surroundings!

Kiana: Alright! Everyone, here we come! The final battle with Destroyer has begun!

First Completion

[The battle with Destroyer is still in progress.]

Kiana: How’s that! Ready to admit defeat, Destroyer?

Destroyer: Looks like that’s all Griffin’s forces can do. Meanwhile, I have Breakdown Energy on my side, and it is limitless!

Mei: Destroyer… can still absorb Breakdown Energy?

Himeko: She’s going to lose control if this keeps up. We need to subdue her ASAP!

Theresa: Well, not too soon. Whittle her strength down slowly. Otherwise a Breakdown Energy overload becomes very likely, and then it’ll start spreading over a wide area.

Kiana: I understand, this really is tricky… let’s rest first, then adjust our attack plan!

[At the same time.]

???: ...Arrived at objective area. Entering standby status while waiting for an opportunity. I must protect Mei-nee and everyone.