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[Griffin conquers the the SF position in the city.]

Kiana: Now, rush in!

Theresa: Hehe, well done. At first I thought I’d have to step in.

Himeko: Looks like your use of tactics has improved greatly, Kiana. You might really be the hope of Destiny.

Kiana: Hehe, I haven’t gone all-out yet. Also, it’s thanks to these dolls. They’re all so cute and they’re very obedient!

PP90: Commander Kiana, we’ve completed the preliminary work for the search, awaiting your orders!

Kiana: And I need to thank my outstanding adjutant! Alright, begin the search! Don’t miss a single room!

PP90: Roger! Everyone, begin the search! Conditions are a little dark, so please make do.

[PP90 leads her forces into the SF base to begin the search.]

PP90: Has everyone received pictures of the targets? One of them is a black-haired girl called “Raiden Mei”, she looks kind and friendly. The other is a gray-haired girl called Bronya, she looks… er, kind of like me… ahhh, quit laughing! Get a move on! First echelon, you head left, second, you go right, everyone else, go forward, and Vivi...

PP90: Ah… that’s right, Vivi’s not here… forget it, then I’ll hold the rear. I need to share the work with Vivi from time to time.

[PP90 waits until the the echelons split up before moving to secure their rear by herself.]

PP90: *muttering to herself* I wonder what’s happened to Vivi. We agreed to check in regularly with each other, but she never called at all… why is that… after this operation is done, I need to call her right away and give her a good scolding… no, I can’t be too fierce either, or else she’ll lose her temper...

Kiana: PP, lookout! There’s something above you!

[PP hears something behind her and hurriedly turns around.]


Kiana: …Interference… it’s electricity! PP… that’s…!

[But she is too late, and the dark figure has already grabbed PP90’s clothes and pinned her to the ground.]

PP90: …!
(So fast!)
Is that… a human?

???: Don’t move. Whether I’m a human or a doll, chopping your head off will only take a moment.

PP90: …Something on my neck… is it a katana? So strong… I can’t move even if I want to… Uwah!

[The other party forcefully grabs PP90 by the neck.]

???: Your friends are scattered. They cannot help you. I’ve disrupted your comms. Your commander cannot help you either. You’re the Griffin team leader, right? Once I deal with you, Destroyer’s problems will...

[Electrical sparks bloom in the other person’s hand!]

???: This is my first time using this on dolls. I need to avoid the important circuits-

PP90: An… an electrical current…!

???: Don’t worry, I won’t interfere too much with this world, and I won’t kill you. I’ll just knock you out and then use you as a hostage, so sorry about this-

[A wave of dizziness washes over PP90, and her digimind starts to grow confused.]

PP90: Uuu...

???: Are you calling out for someone to save you? A doll? Or a human? Say it, at least you’ll feel better that way-

PP90: (Save me? Who’s going to save me?)
PP90: (Vivi… )
(No, not Vivi… I can’t let her see how useless I am now!)


PP90: (No good… my digimind’s about to short-circuit…) (Survive… I need to survive...)

???: Survive? You’re not even human, doll.

PP90: (Human… mender… repairer…)
(That’s right… the first time I went on ops with Vivi… I saw her…)

PP90: Seele… san...

???: You… what’s the meaning of this? Why did you mention that name?

[The other party’s hand unconsciously relaxes its grip.]

PP90: Seele… Seele-!

???: …! Why… Seele!? Why did you mention that name?

[The base lights suddenly come on, and the dolls are gathered in front of the enemy, which they proceed to surround.]

Kiana: Whew… fortunately comms with the other echelons weren’t jammed… Honestly, you two… what kind of weird superhero movie were you acting out? PP90… and Mei-senpai.

Mei: Kiana… that voice… Is that Kiana? Kiana! Where are you!?

Kiana: I’m in a command room 15 km away, talking through you through the doll adjutant that you’re trampling underfoot. Turns out… you nearly electrocuted her to death.

Mei: Doll… adjutant? Huh? Your face…

PP90: (So this is Mei-san, huh…) (She... doesn’t look kind at all…)

Kiana: Therefore… would you mind getting off my adjutant’s body? PP90, are you alright? Can you hear me?

PP90: (Vivi… I survived…) (Wonderful… looks like I’ll have an adventure to brag about to you as well…)

Kiana: PP90? Hello, can you hear me?

Mei: She’s just grinning like an idiot… did I shock her stupid or something...?

Kiana: Hey! If you really broke her, you’re going to have to pay, senpai!

Mei: I. I’m sorry, I’ll think of something. This… what… what on earth is this...

Kiana: Everyone, put your weapons away, we’ve found our objective! Your first priority is to rescue PP90!

[The dolls swiftly surround PP90 and begin emergency treatment.]

PP90: (Still… I’d be embarrassed to let you see this…) (Although, it’s not important any more… I wonder what Vivi’s doing now…)

[At about the same time, Vector is currently en route to Theresa’s mothership, the Hyperion.]

Vector: It’s so quiet… nobody needs me, nobody’s thinking of me, nobody’s nagging me… all I need to do is focus on my mission… yes… it’s better this way, I chose this.

[Vector raises her head and sees a gigantic airship in the distance.]

Vector: Is that… the Hyperion? Its design really is overwrought… humans always like such pointless things, always rushing to dress themselves up in order to make others happy...

[Vector glances at her communicator and sees that it’s a message from PP90.]

Vector: “Busy? Call me back if you see this.”

[Vector puts away the communicator and walks toward the mothership.]

Vector: Yes, I’m very busy… haha… if I hadn’t found the mothership, I wouldn’t have known how to reject her… besides, she probably doesn’t care, it’s just a standard business greeting...

Vector: That’s right… her passion, kindness and smile are just instinctive actions that she uses with everyone. They’ve got nothing to do with me or what I’ve done… she’s the same with our Commander, with Kiana, with Theresa and Himeko, as well as me… she treats people she’s known for a long time the same as people she might not meet again after a few hours. She treats people from another world the same way that she treats me… This incident brought me into her social circle. It’s about time I took a step back and returned to how things used to be...


Vector: Is… something happening ahead?

[Vector sees a girl standing on the open ground outside the mothership. Vector hurries over.]

Vector: Are you… Seele?

Seele: …

[The girl looks at Vector in fright, not daring to speak.]

Vector: I’m sorry. I’m the Griffin Tactical Doll Vector. Your friends Kiana-san and Theresa-san asked me to find the Hyperion and ensure your safety.

Seele(?): …Really?

Vector: Please take a look at this proof. Kiana-san gave it to me.

Seele: Then… what about Bronya-nee?

Vector: Bronya…? (Is that the girl with the same sundae hair as PP90?) We haven’t found her yet, but your friends are doing their best to find her.

Seele: …Can… Seele go and find her?

Vector: I’m sorry, but as an ordinary Tactical Doll, I suggest that staying in that airship would be safer.

Seele: There… used to be lots of Slain… they gathered here… I’m… scared...

[Beep.] [PP90 sends a comms request.]

PP90: Vivi! Are you there!?

Vector: …What is it?

PP90: I’m checking on how things are going on your end! It’s your fault for not contacting me! Didn’t we say we’d check in regularly! You worried me to death!

Vector: Is that all?

PP90: Also! We managed to take down the SF base and found Mei-san! She’s the first friend Kiana made! Apparently the two of them barely escaped with their lives from a zombie outbreak at school!

Vector: Is that so…
(So that friend of Kiana’s is called Mei, huh…
) But what does that have to do with me?

PP90: Honestly, don’t always be like that , Vivi! Also, during the previous operation I was almost-

Vector: Also - …Could you not call me that any more?

PP90: Huh? But...

Vector: It didn’t matter before this, but now it’s just annoying me...

PP90: What’s the matter with you… did something happen...

Vector: PP90, if you really care about what I think, then this is the only thought I have… which is to say… I’ve had enough of you.

PP90: I’m sorry… V… Vector… let’s get to business… Is there… any progress on your end?

Vector: I found the Hyperion, I’ll be sending the coordinates back. Also, Seele left the ship by herself. She’s a little scared and wants to return with me to the base to find Bronya.

PP90: Oh… Theresa-san said… this sort of thing might happen… in that case, bring her back safely. Are you… alright?

Vector: I’m fine, end the call.

PP90: Wait! Vector… was it… something I did wrong?

Vector: …No. This is how it should have been.

[Vector ends the transmission.]

Vector: …
(So, who’s at fault?)
Let’s go, Seele-san. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of your safety.

Seele: Um… did you… have an argument just now?

Vector: No… I just… went back to how things used to be.

[At the same time, at the Griffin base.]

Kiana: That’s why I say, you’re just too nice, Mei-senpai! Do you know how much trouble your actions caused for this world!

Mei: Uu… but… I couldn’t just leave that girl alone...

Kiana: Ah, PP90! Huh? Are you… crying?

PP90: Ah! I’m fine! My visual module is just a little dirty, so I’m rinsing it, haha...

Kiana: Oh… dolls really are wonderful, but good thing there’s no big problems! Anyway, let’s leave that aside! I’ll introduce her to you again; this is Raiden Mei, my senior and my best friend/

Mei: Greetings, PP90-san. I’m very sorry about what I did to you just now. I’ll do my best to make it up to you in future.

Kiana: Sorry about that, PP90-san. What happened just now, and what happened before that… was all Mei-senpai’s doing.

Mei: Uuu… how shall I say this, I didn’t quite know what was going on back then. After being separated from everyone, the storm blew me to a base which looked like a modified city… and then my powers went a bit out of control, and with the amplification of the storm, I ended up destroying everything around me.

PP90: Wow, so you were that amazing, Mei-san...

Kiana: Hmph, she’s just bad at controlling her powers. After that, Mei-senpai met Destroyer from SF, and she told her how to control Breakdown Energy!

Mei: Well… I was the one who wrecked their base, after all, so I felt that I had to do something… and she was crying and crying and saying that she wouldn’t be able to explain this to her master, and she looked so pitiful...

Kiana: Ahhh! You’re always like that, Mei-senpai! You just can’t leave people in trouble alone! That’s why screwups like this happen!

Mei: This was my first time here, and I didn’t know SF and Griffin were on opposite sides. And Destroyer was really nice to me too, she gave me lots of stuff and treats… besides, she was very cute too. I don’t believe you wouldn’t have fallen for it in my place, Kiana.

Kiana: Ha! That’s nothing, of course I wouldn’t befriend an enemy because they were cute! Listen here, Mei-senpai, I’d never have fallen for Destroyer’s lies! PP90 can be my witness! Er… PP90?

PP90: Ah! Sorry, I was a little distracted… ah… well, in any case, it’s good that you managed to find your friend, Kiana-san. Also, it seems we’ve figured out the source of SF’s power. This operation was very successful.

Kiana: Yes. Now only Bronya’s left, and the only threat to you now is Destroyer, am I right?

Mei: I landed near Bronya when the storm blew me away, but I don’t remember what happened after that...

Kiana: That brat… where on earth is she hiding… still, she should be alright by herself. In any case, let’s take care of Destroyer first! It’s time to strike back!

Mei: Are you sure? I don’t think Destroyer’s that unreasonable...

Kiana: Wake up, Mei-senpai! She’s part of SF, an organization that opposes mankind. Everything she did was just to use you! She would never have truly regarded you as a friend!

Mei: Is that so? But… where are you going to find her?


Destroyer: Good afternoon, ladies of Griffin… and also, Raiden Mei-san...

Mei: Huh?

Destroyer: I was not particularly surprised by your treachery. Or rather, I had long expected that, so it had no effect on me… besides, I’ve finished making use of you.

Kiana: Hmph! See, Mei-senpai! That’s how it is!

Mei: …

Destroyer: Of course, the conclusion’s the same to me, regardless of whose side you’re on... Destroyer: Because I can fully control Breakdown Energy now!

PP90: …! That appearance! It’s the rumored-

Kiana: Oi! She’s gotten bigger in just about every way!

Destroyer: Hmph, it wasn’t as hard as you said it would be, Mei-san. As long as you offer your desires to the “will” of the Breakdown...

Mei: Stop that, Destroyer-san! I told you before, you must never do that! That will… That will only make you...

Destroyer: Hmph, didn’t you do that yourself in the past? If you could survive it, then… I can too!

Mei: I understand now… so I really was deceived. I want in on this battle no matter what!

Destroyer: Haha! I couldn’t ask for anything more! Come! Receive the flames of my wrath and be destroyed by my complete form! Ladies of Griffin… and ”Destiny”, your end is at hand!