Story/E2-1 Part 1/Script

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[5 minutes later, inside the temporary base.]

Theresa: Ohhh! Is this Griffin’s command system? Pretty interesting.

Kiana: Headmistress, do you want to give it a try?

Theresa: I’ll pass, now’s not the time to play around. I’ll let you handle it.

Kiana: So she still wants to play after all...

[Himeko enters the command room.]

Himeko: You must be Griffin’s adjutant, ah… er...

PP90: Hm?

Himeko: Ah it’s nothing, being stared at by these girls is a little… sorry, I think I might have said something rude.

PP90: Hehe, don’t worry, even in our world, a lot of humans have a hard time accepting what they see when they first look at us. Or rather, creating this sort of first impression on others is a point of pride for us.

Himeko: Haha, I’m relieved, then. Although, it seems individual dolls have completely different personalities. I met Vector-san on the way here just now; I wanted to make conversation, but she completely shut me down...

PP90: Haha… sorry about that, Vivi’s been that way ever since she was rolled out of the factory. Please don’t take it to heart.

Himeko: Oh, I don’t mind, but is it really alright to let her move out by herself?

PP90: Thank you for your concern. We’ll keep in touch with communications modules, so she’ll definitely… er… she’ll probably… call in?

Theresa: Oi, Himeko, now’s not the time to chat. Don’t you have something to report?

Himeko: Mm, PP90-san, do you have an electronic map of the area? According to your observation data, a storm swept through an abandoned city about 15 km away from here, several hours ago. I think either Mei or Bronya would have touched down there.

PP90: Alright, I’ll see what I can find! Here, right? PP90: This is the abandoned city. SF has taken over it now. It’s very likely that Destroyer is based here, but we haven’t picked up any powerful SF unit signals from there for the time being. At a closer look… there are signs that it’s been wrecked recently.

Theresa: From the extent of the destruction, it’s more likely that it’s Mei. After all, the power within her tends to go out of control very easily under those conditions...

Kiana: Then we’d better get going! At the very least we should go in and look! If we’re any later, there’s no telling what SF will do to Mei-senpai!

PP90: Kiana-san, we’re going to begin attacking this city.

Kiana: Huh? I’m coming too?

PP90: Hehe, well, you are the most experienced commander here.

Theresa: Hehe, I’ll be able to see how this world fights soon!

Himeko: Good. I’d like to see Kiana’s tactics as well.

Kiana: Honestly… looks like I’ll just have to show you how I win, then!