Story/E1-4 Part 2/Script

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[The battle with Theresa is still going on.]


Theresa: …Alright, playtime’s over!

[Theresa swiftly leaps out of the combat zone and puts her weapon away.]

PP90: Huh? She stopped all of a sudden?

Vector: She wasn’t using her full strength at all.

Kiana: What’s this, Headmistress? Are you testing us again?

Theresa: That’s one part of it. At the very least, I’ve got a rough grasp of the combat methods of this world… they’re rather quaint. As for the rest… well, I’ve finished investigating the Relic.

Kiana: What? But you were right here...

Theresa: Hehe, don’t you think it’s strange that I was standing at the entrance without going in? Hello? My side’s settled, so report your status.

???: I’m afraid you’re going to be disappointed, Headmistress. The sealing technologies used underground are completely different from what we known, and we have no way of undoing them at present. Also, the detailed scan reports that the energy inside is different from Breakdown Energy.

Theresa: Is it? So this world has quite an incredible secret too… still, that’s quite a disappointing outcome. Let’s pack it up for today.

???: Alright, then I’ll be coming up to the surface now...

Kiana: That voice is… Himeko-san? Is that Himeko-san!?

Himeko: Ah, so it’s Kiana. Good to see you’re safe. Hang on… what happened outside? Were you fighting?

Theresa: Hehe, I was just testing the strength of Kiana’s new friends. Alright, all the contradictions should be cleared up now, right? We’re Kiana’s superiors, so please show us a good time.

PP90: Huh? Oh… okay...

Vector: Why are things changing so quickly...

Theresa: I can tell that you’re androids, so isn’t it only natural to be friendly to human beings? What are you standing there for, won’t you invite us to your base for some tea?

Himeko: Thank you, though beer would be better.

[Half an hour later, in the base.]

Theresa: I see… so your enemies… the mechanical insurgents called Sangvis Ferri, have mastered the ability to control the Slain?

Kiana: Yes, but without us, this world can’t create Breakdown Energy so quickly.

Theresa: That would be tricky. One of us might have fallen into enemy hands.

Kiana: It’s either Bronya or Mei-senpai, though I doubt either of them would have gone willingly. Wait a minute, it might be that… they’re being used.

PP90: SF Ringleaders are quite cunning. We can’t eliminate that possibility.

Vector: You mean Destroyer did that? Are you sure?

Kiana: Well, whatever it is, I think both we and Griffin have the same objective, right?

PP90: I’ll ask FN57-san about it. It shouldn’t be a problem.

Vector: ...

Theresa: Alright. Once we deal with the enemy leader, we should be able to settle everything. Kiana, we shouldn’t interfere with the matters of this world. We’ll be placing the rest of the operation in your hands, as their commander. As for me, I’m going to walk around the Griffin base for a bit~

Kiana: Headmistress… you’re trying to learn more, aren’t you?

Theresa: Hehe, I’ve come all this way, I can’t just leave empty-handed!

[Himeko enters the room]

Himeko: Bad news, Theresa. I can’t contact the Hyperion.

Theresa: That’s a bit troublesome. We won’t be able to go back like this, will we? Still, it might just be comms disruption. Everything should be alright if somebody can pin down the coordinates. So, who’ll go? Himeko, will you be heading out?

Himeko: I’m sorry, Headmistress, but after seeing your big brawl with Griffin, I think I need to accompany you.

Vector: Can you consider sending Griffin’s products there? Provided you can trust a doll like me, of course.

Theresa: Ohhh, can I really bother you with that? Then please do!

PP90: Vivi, are you sure you’re going by yourself? You won’t need other helpers?

Vector: Too many people will just get in the way, and working alone suits me just fine.

Himeko: Thank you, Vector-san.Just use this sensor and head to the location I told you about, and then pinpoint the airship’s location based on its signal strength. The airship in question is huge and it’s red and black in color, so you should be able to find it easily.

Vector: So it’s a large ship painted red and black? Understood.

Himeko: Also, there’s a girl called Seele in the airship. She’s very afraid of strangers, so please treat her nicely. Otherwise...

Vector: Otherwise?

Theresa: Seele has a dangerous split persona inside her. While it’s largely under control, we can’t rule out the possibility that it might go berserk again.

PP90: Vivi, are you really sure you won’t frighten her? Why don’t you let me go instead...

Vector: You’re the adjutant. Stay here and do what you’re good at. It’s not my specialty, but I can put on a few business faces. In that case, I’ll go tidy some things up...

[Vector leaves.]

PP90: Will Vivi really be alright?

Kiana: Don’t worry, PP90. From what I’ve seen, Vector is a very thoughtful person, so thoughtful that she ends up being hypersensitive. While saying so might seem a little brusque, perhaps she might be the best person to interact with Seele.

PP90: Is that so? That’s wonderful… perhaps Vivi will make a friend that suits her.

Kiana: You’re her friend too, it’s just that she’s unwilling to say so. Alright, enough chit chat, let’s get to work! Our target is Intruder of SF! Let’s take out her Slain army and take back our friends!