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Kiana: …Headmistress… Theresa?

PP90: Is she a friend of yours, Kiana-san?

Kiana: Ah…

PP90: She’s a human from another world just like you, am I right?

Kiana: … So you already knew, huh...

PP90: We just found it out. You can’t keep these things from us Griffin dolls-

Vector: Another world? You mean… Kiana-san’s a person from another world?

PP90: Er… Vivi, do you know what kind of stuff FN57 usually handles?

Vector: What does her job have to do with me?

PP90: That’s why I’m saying you need to socialize more, Vivi! FN57’s team is in charge of “aberrant” incidents. The fact that she’s showed up during this incident means people from another world have made their way here. Think about it, it’s really weird, right… a whole bunch of zombie whatevers appearing out of nowhere, how could such things possibly happen all of a sudden...

Kiana: It’s the Breakdown… it’s how the Breakdown expresses itself in your world. That’s right, PP90-san. I’m a human from another world.

Vector: Huh? Is that… really so?

Kiana: Sorry for keeping a bunch of things from you earlier… I wanted to be more low-key and leave once the time was right. But I didn’t expect the Headmistress to move around so blatantly, so I have no choice but to come clean.

PP90: Kiana-san, we believe that you’re a friendly human, but could you please give us more details? I’m sure we’ll be able to help you if we understand more about you and your world.

Kiana: The Breakdown is a phenomenon unique to our world. But it’s not so much a phenomenon as a will, a… destructive will. It takes many forms, from wars, to plagues, to natural disasters, meteor impacts, and even zombie outbreaks and the appearance of scary monsters. According to the records in our world, the Breakdown brings tremendous destruction to the species which controls the world.

Vector: The dinosaurs? You mean, the extinction of the dinosaurs was caused by the Breakdown?

PP90: Vivi, you don’t fit in with others because you’re always concerned about these things...

Kiana: Uh… that was true in our world. But according to my observations, your world had no signs of the Breakdown to begin with… the Breakdown only began after we came to this world.

PP90: You mean… those Slain?

Kiana: Generating and sustaining Breakdown phenomena requires energy. We call it Breakdown Energy. In our world, the Slain are created when human beings approach sources of Breakdown Energy, which eat away at their minds and bodies, turning them into zombie-like creatures.

Vector: Yet the Slain we faced were zombie dolls from the SF plants.

Kiana: The Breakdown expresses itself differently in different environments. Perhaps the Breakdown manifested itself in this form because dolls are more numerous in this world.

PP90: So they’re the malicious product of an intelligent lifeform that is hostile to mankind… is that it?

Vector: Then your phone… is used to scan for Breakdown Energy, is that it?

Kiana: Yes. I’m a fighting member of the organization called Destiny. Our mission is to eliminate sources of Breakdown Energy and maintain Breakdown phenomena within a controllable limit. In the past few days, we detected a strange source of Breakdown Energy, as though it were discharged from some kind of large weapon. Under Headmistress Theresa’s orders, we began an in-depth investigation, and as we went in further, we found that we had passed into another world...

PP90: And that would be… our world?

Kiana: *nods* But our airship was damaged while we were moving, and the energy storm within the warp tunnel made it inside. We barely managed to enter this world, but everyone was lost in the storm, and then… I ended up somewhere...

Vector: Which would be where I happened to be. Still, wouldn’t that mean this Theresa is a friend of yours?

Kiana: Yes, but her position would make her our superior. While it’s more complicated than that… all in all, she’s a none-too-reliable boss.

PP90: It would be great if she were a friend. We’d be able to avoid fighting and gain a new helper!

Kiana: Uu… yeah, after all, they ran onto other people’s turf to cause trouble… avoiding a fight… shouldn’t be a problem...

Vector: …?

[Half an hour later, they make contact with Theresa at the restricted area.]

Theresa: No! Of course not!

Theresa: I will! Never! Abandon my research!

Kiana: Who cares about research at a time like this!

Theresa: Kiana, I an very happy to see you safe and sound. That said, I’m not that happy. After all, this place isn’t very dangerous, so it’s only natural for you to be safe.

Vector: Are all the people in your organization weirdos like this?

Kiana: You’re the one person who’s least qualified to say that, right? Headmistress, I made some friends here, and this place is under their supervision, so would you mind putting your research on hold for the time being?

Theresa: You can make friends regardless of the situation… ah, forget it! In any case, Kiana, when we were passing by here, I found an extremely powerful abnormal energy signature. For all we know, it might be a Relic of this world! It might even be a Divine Relic! How can I not investigate it?

PP90: Relics? Does their world have things like that too?

Kiana: Headmistress Theresa! Now’s not the time to worry about Relics or whatever! The Slain are attacking this world en masse because of us. Why not help them out?

Theresa: I don’t mind helping them out, as long as it’s after I finish my investigation!

PP90: Then… I’m very sorry about this, Theresa-san! I’m a Tactical Doll from this world who is responsible for security work. You are trespassing in restricted territory that is under our jurisdiction! If you refuse to leave, we will have to remove you by force!

Theresa: Hah! Even if I wanted to leave, I’d have to get out from under a pile of Slain first! So if you want to stop me, go get rid of those Slain first and then come see me. Of course… I won’t go quietly even if you do meet me.

Vector: That woman… she’s not afraid of those Slain at all, so she must be really string. But why is she just standing there… it’s like she’s waiting for us...

Kiana: I don’t care! You asked for it, Headmistress! I’m really coming over!

Theresa: Hehe, you should be pretty familiar with the odds you have against me, right?

Kiana: Of course, but I’m not alone!

PP90: Oi oi! You’re sulking now! Please don’t mess around with our forces!

Kiana: Don’t worry! I know my limits! Headmistress Theresa, let’s spar again, in this world!

After The First Battle

[The battle against Theresa is in progress.]

Theresa: What’s the matter, Theresa! Giving up already!?

Kiana: It is really weird after all… Headmistress Theresa! Why do you keep standing there instead of going in?

Theresa: Because the entrance to this relic isn’t quite like the ones on our world, I’m still studying it!

Kiana: I’m telling you! The Slain are everywhere! You should focus on that first!

Theresa: Actually… I’m kind of curious. Logically speaking, there shouldn't be any Breakdown Energy in this world. So where did these Slain come from?

Kiana: Huh? Headmistress, what do you mean...

Theresa: Don’t you think this relic is very suspicious too?

Kiana: Oh… is that so...

Theresa: I’m thinking for the sake of this world too!

Kiana: Urgh… it kind of make sense...

PP90: Kiana-san! How did the two of you suddenly end up understanding each other? No, that’s just letting the other side run circles around you!

Kiana: Urk! That’s right! In any case, Headmistress, what you’re doing is forbidden, so please give up on it!

Theresa: Aww, I almost managed to bluff my way through! It can’t be helped then. I allow you to take a break before coming back to face me again!