Story/E1-3 Part 2/Script

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[The battle ends, and the doll echelons successfully (?) reach the target base. With PP90 and Vector’s help, Kiana also reaches the base.]

PP90: We… we made it at last. I thought the Slain would get us a few times, it scared me so much I thought my pulse module would pop out...

Vector: I have to give it full marks for entertainment value. That was a breathtaking performance.

Kiana: Oi! Are you unhappy with my leadership or something!

PP90: Ah, no! We wouldn’t have made it out of there if not for you, Kiana-san! I’ll go to the comms equipment to contact the Commander. You guys go rest first.

[PP90 runs off to one side and begins hacking.]


PP90: Commander! Can you hear me? It’s me, your adjutant PP90!

Girl’s Voice(?): Ah, I hear you. Come to think of it… you really are loud...

Kiana: What? Your commander’s a girl too?

Vector: Wait, that’s not the Commander, it’s… who is it, anyway?

PP90: Hey! FN57! What are you doing here!?

FN57: Ah, sorry, since these are special circumstances… to cut a long story short, you’re under me for the time being.

PP90: W-what?

FN57: I’m sorry, but you just escaped, right? I don’t know how you did it, but you were really lucky. However, we are desperately short on manpower, so I apologize for this. Also, my orders are specially sanctioned by the people up top. I’ve already sent you the proof.

PP90: But we just made it out of there with our lives and there’s hordes of zombies out there! And now you want us to go back out there again? Where’s the Commander!? Please let me speak to the Commander!

FN57: Your Commander has been temporarily barred from involvement in this matter, since it might lead to an irrevocable situation. I’m sorry, but I’m serious, despite how I look. In any case, you have no choice. Your forces will now obey my orders, and there is an objective I need you to take care of.

PP90: …Do you have a command module? Can you direct all of us?

FN57: I do, though not of a very high grade… the situation is urgent, so there’s no other options. I’ll command as many people as I can.

PP90: …I understand. We’ll carry out operations as ordered. However, please allow us command authority over ourselves. We have a more suitable commander candidate.

FN57: What? There’s actually a better person for the job than me? That’s perfect! FAL and I have our hands full over here. Listen, there’s a human of unknown origin who’s illegally trespassed into a restricted area run by Griffin. This area is near your forces. Fortunately those zombie hordes stopped her, so she’s wandering around the sector entrance now.

PP90: A human? Trespassing?

FN57: That’s right. The matter is extremely urgent. Please consider this mission to be your highest priority. Drive her away immediately and do your best to subdue her without hurting her. Your opposition seems to be very powerful and the zombie hordes aren’t much of a threat to her. Try your best not to anger her, but the use of force is permitted if necessary. I’ve already sent over the target’s description. Report back if anything happens. *quietly* God dammit, I’m going to be worked to death over here… first Kar-san goes missing and now I have to research Breakdown detection...

PP90: …

[FN57 ends the transmission.]

PP90: What the heck… is all this… *sighs* Well, in any case, all we can do is grin and bear it. Still, if FN57-san showed up, that means...

Vector: PP90, is that petite human the target we have to chase away?

[Vector points to the electronic image of the white-haired girl on the monitor.]

PP90: Mm… I guess? Still… is she a child?

Vector: Hmph, the incident which triggered the last world war began at the hands of several children… Kiana-san, what’s the matter?

Kiana: …No, no way… is that… Headmistress Theresa?