Story/E1-3 Part 1/Script

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[20 minutes later, at the command map of the temporary Griffin base.]

PP90: So if you want to redeploy units, all you need to do is tap here.

Kiana: You can do that too? I understand! This is a really handy function!

Vector: It wasn’t always this convenient. This function was only added a few months ago as part of a major upgrade to our command systems.

PP90: Because the Commander complained, right? I remember that time. Still, Kiana-san’s doing a great, she’s picking it up really fast!

Kiana: Am, am I? It feels pretty good, like I’m playing a game!

Vector: Well, it’s not that you can’t take it as playing as a game, just don’t send us all off in one shot. Even I get unhappy when I have to be dragged back from the scene of a defeat, let alone dolls like PP90 who screw up easily.

PP90: Hey! That’s just because you always run off without saying anything and worry me! Anyway, we’ll be protecting Kiana-san together this time, got that?

Kiana: So you want to be in the same echelon as Vivi then, PP? I can just drag you over like this, right?

Vector: This is very unwise. I’d advise you to reconsider.

PP90: You have to you have to! It’s totally important! Do that, Kiana-san!

Kiana: Ahhhh, keep quiet and let me go over this again! *mutters to self* This is “Formation”, this is “Combat”, and the resources are...


PP90: Whew… I guess she didn’t pick it up that quickly after all. Vivi, do you think it’ll be alright to let Kiana-san be our commander?

Vector: Things being what they are, we’ve got no choice but to roll the dice. That woman might be a little clueless, but she’s pretty skilful when she’s commanding. She’s definitely not an ordinary person.

PP90: Fortunately the preliminary matching for her went through. With help from my permissions, she should be able to use the command system normally. Hehe, this is a measure only allowed under special circumstances. So now, let’s move out together like we said earlier, Vivi!

Vector: We’d better follow the assignments from our temporary commander. While I don’t think I’m absolutely essential on the battlefield...

PP90: Hehe, at least it’ll close the distance between you and the rest of us, Vivi!

Kiana: Erm… everyone! How do I use the Deploy button! Like this, right?

PP90: Let’s go. We’ll help out our temporary commander-san and get through this pinch with everyone!

Vector: Close the distance… huh...

PP90: Commander-san, according to the operational plan the Commander left behind, our current objective is to fall back to a nearby SF base.

Kiana: An SF base? Isn’t that enemy territory?

Vector: It used to be a base of ours, and it’s been taken down, so it’s safe for now. The original reason we were deployed here was to retake that base.

PP90: That’s right. Originally, we would have fallen back to our own base, but then those Slain appeared halfway… I checked the Commander’s report and the SF comms system ought to be intact. As long as we can reach that base, we can hack into the enemy comms and contact the outside world.

Kiana: I see, so in short, we’re going to break out before a horde of Slain surrounds us and take that base, right? Good! We’ll set out once everyone is ready!