Story/E1-2 Part 2/Script

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[The operation ends. The Griffin forces retreat to a safe point without a hitch, while Vector and Kiana successfully meet up with the others.]

Kiana: Whew… we made it out at last… though I have to say, your pathfinding technique is very good.

Vector: Thank you. Otherwise I’d really be useless.

[Vector passes through the main gate of the safe point and heads inside.]

Kiana: Hmph, I was helping you all the while, otherwise I could have just fought my way over here by myself - eh...

[After entering, Kiana suddenly freezes in place.]

Vector: What’s the matter?

Kiana: Vector, are they… all Tactical Dolls?

Vector: ...Need I say more?

Kiana: Wow! They’re so cute! I! Am I in Heaven? Vector go see that adjutant of yours no need to worry about me I’ll take care of myself! Hello, everyone! I’m Kiana-

[Kiana heads toward the crowd of dolls.]

Vector: ...It’s quiet at last… yes, as it should be...

[Vector heads towards the rest area in the corner without saying a word.]

PP90: Vivi! Uwah! You’re back at last, Vivi!

[PP90 rushes over and hugs Vector.]

Vector: Ah… that kind of hurts, could you please let go...

PP90: Uuu! I’m sorry I’m sorry! I was too worked up, it’s wonderful to be able to see you again!

Vector: Your reaction is too exaggerated and completely wasted on me.

PP90: But you stayed there all by yourself to save us...

Vector: I was just following orders, just like you did.

PP90: Ahhhhhh!

[PP90 pounds on Vector’s shoulders.]

PP90: Honestly! I worry about you because you’re always like this! And you came in and just stood here! Why didn’t you come say something to me!?

Vector: The important thing is that I survived. There was no need to distract the adjutant.

PP90: You not being around is what’s distracting! *sighs* Vivi, we’re battlefield buddies! Have more faith in me!

Vector: If that’s an order, I’ll obey it.

PP90: If you want an order, I’ll give you one right now! The Commander just forwarded me the full withdrawal plan, and we can set out after a short rest. Vivi, I order you not to go off by yourself and stay with me, is that okay?

Vector: Since it’s an order, you don’t need to ask if it’s okay or not.

PP90: Alright, alright, I’ll take that as a yes. Next, we have that human girl. What’s her story?

Vector: I met her at the base. She knows a lot about this zombie horde incident, but she’s hiding something. However, I tested her several times along the way, so she shouldn’t be an enemy.

PP90: Mhm! I’m relieved if you say so, Vivi.

[Kiana walks over.]

Kiana: Friend of yours, Vector?

PP90: Greetings, human girl! I’m Tactical Doll PP90, filling the role of adjutant for this operation. I’m glad to be of service!

Kiana: …

[Kiana stares hard at PP90’s face.]

PP90: Excuse me… but is something the matter?

Kiana: Ah… it’s nothing. I just felt that you looked a little bit like… one of my friends.

PP90: Hehe, that’s a point of pride for me as a doll.

Kiana: However, your personalities are complete opposites… ah, but! You’re both very cute and I like you both very much! I’n Kiana, very happy to meet you. I ended up being drawn into this due to some unexpected circumstances, so I’ll be in your care.

PP90: Hello, Kiana-san. Don’t worry, we’re Griffin PMC, let us take care of your safety!

Vector: Still making a sales pitch at a time like this… and given her skills, she should be the one protecting us, right? ...Er, what’s the matter?

[Vector sees PP90 looking at her and laughing.]

PP90: Hehe, I didn’t know you were that good at roasting people.

Vector: “Roas...ting?”

PP90: T65 taught me that term, in any case, it means you have a great sense of humor! I think I finally understand you now, thanks to all this trouble. Ah… still, now that everything’s over, all we need to do is follow the Commander’s orders, so there’s nothing to worry about any more, right?

Kiana: Oi oi! Saying things like that is very dang-

[Whum! Whum!]

PP90: Huh… is it a public broadcast?

Destroyer: Ahem! Ladies of Griffin, listen up! I’ve come all this way to tell you… this war is about to end!

Destroyer: Were you happy with that zombie horde attack just now? Huh? What?

Vector: …?

Destroyer: Ah, right. Sorry about that, ahem… Then, were you happy with that attack of the Slain just now? However, that attack just now was less than 10% of the forces we stocked up.

PP90: Oi! Seriously!? All those Slain were from SF? How many more are there going to be!?

Vector: So SF’s behind all this again? It’s kind of boring...

Destroyer: I’ve waited too long for this opportunity, you Griffin villains! You’ve been bullying me all this time, but right now, I will pay! It! All! back!

Vector: Just for that? Then she should go settle the score with the Commander, right...

Destroyer: Still… my strength this time came from an accident, and the battle orders are from me, and not Mastermind-sama. Therefore, I don’t plan to commit too many of my own units, but surely this many Slain should be enough to swamp you, right?

PP90: You’re looking down on us!

[PP90 joins the public broadcast.]

PP90: Destroyer, don’t think you’re a big deal because you’ve got all those zombies! As long as you’re commanding them, I’m not scared in the least! Our Commander is on a completely different level from idiots like you who’re underdeveloped in both their height and their brains!

Destroyer: Ha! I won’t get mad! That’s because you haven’t seen my complete form yet! A sundae head like you must have a head and stomach full of cheap ice cream!

PP90: Hah!? Who are you calling a sundae head! How insulting can you get, anyway! I’ve been dieting recently and I haven’t touched any desserts!

Kiana: *quietly* It seems like the topic has subtly shifted...

Destroyer: You pathetic Griffin dolls really do go to great lengths to suck up to your Commander. Puppets! Maggots!

PP90: So what!? The Commander brings us victory and a purpose for living! We’re not the same as you wild thugs! Hooligans! Rascals! Traitors!

Destroyer: Hehe… in other words, you can’t do anything without your Commander, can you? Nothing wrong with that! If not for your Commander, we’d have gotten you all in your base, right? Therefore, it’s not like I haven’t prepared for that either - do it!

[...Doot. Doot - doot - doot -]

PP90: This alarm… communications have been cut!?

Destroyer: Haha, I just cut off your communications to your HQ. My zombie… ah no, my Slain legions reached all your communications posts long ago! And then they wrecked them all!

PP90: But how! Destroying all our communications posts with no warning at all?

Destroyer: Of course it was impossible in the past, but now with so many obedient helpers I managed to carry out a battle plan which I could never have completed in the past! In any case, you won’t be talking to your beloved Commander until you leave this sector. It’s too late to beg for mercy or surrender now, Griffin puppets! Now prepare to taste the flames of my wrath! Hahahaha!”

[The transmission ends.]

PP90: How… could this… what… should we do now...

Kiana: Huh? You can’t take action without that Commander?

PP90: None of the dolls here has command modules of any grade… without the Commander’s orders… we won’t be able to come up with an effective battle plan, and we can’t mobilize so many dolls at once...

Kiana: So dolls… aren’t exactly the same as us...

Vector: We’re products and you’re the owners. While you were praising us for being cute, didn’t you realize that was the reason why we were made?

PP90: That’s enough, Vivi… its not like this was Kiana-san’s fault, was it?

Vector: Not her fault?

[Vector laughs coldly.]

Vector: While I was fighting off the Slain in the warehouse, I was knocked out by an earthquake… or rather, by a tempest-like surge of energy. You appeared after that, Kiana-san. So, am I right to say you appeared with that energy?

Kiana: Yes, but I never intended to appear there! I’m just a passing high-school girl, and that was just an accident!

Vector: If you hadn’t shown up, I could have successfully fallen back and left with the echelons long ago, but now… you can fight your way out by yourself, but we can’t do anything but mount a scattered resistance without a commander. What a precious gift from the heavens you are, human. It will be our honor to die for you.

Kiana: Hey! I’m not your enemy, Vector!

Vector: But you’ll be the death of us, human.

PP90: I’m sorry, Kiana, VIvi’s just like that, please forgive her...

Kiana: Vector… is this the real you? You’re full of petty wisdom, but you’ve never once bothered to think about others.

Vector: We can die for you, but don’t think we’ll be happy to do it.

Kiana: Then what have you been happy to do!? You don’t even dare to frankly accept the kindness of others! You don’t understand anyone, so how dare you conclude that I’m going to kill you all!?

PP90: Kiana-san...

Kiana: Humans… dolls… it doesn’t matter where I am, I don’t want to lose the people around me again...

Vector: …So are you a high school girl or a high school teacher? I only have an hour left to live, so why don’t you think about how to survive instead of lecturing me?

Kiana: Quit jumping to conclusions and assuming I’m like that! I’m not going to run! I’m going to stay right here!

PP90: Kiana-san, don’t be rash. However good you are, you can’t possibly wipe out all the Slain!

Kiana: That’s right, but it would be okay if you had a commander, right?

Vector: Didn’t you hear just now? We can’t contact the Commander...
Vector: Wait. Did you just say… don’t tell me...

Kiana: That’s right. Let me be your commander!