Story/E1-1 Part 2/Script

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[30 minutes later. Vector is hiding in the final warehouse and holding the door.]
[Bang bang! Bang bang!]

Vector: I know, I know… I know you don’t mean this… you don’t mean to crawl over, grab us, and chew at our heads and modules… you don’t mean it, neither do I, nobody means to do any of this, right? So, who’s to blame?

[A tide of corpses rushes in. Vector closes the door and presses the remote-]


Vector: Well, it doesn’t matter, you’re just dying in a different way… alright, that’s the last of the explosives. I don’t have any more regrets now.

[Crash! Bang!]

[The remaining zombie dolls flood towards the door and begin clawing at the bulletproof door.]

[Bang! Crash! Bang!]

Vector: How much longer can this door hold? If the building firm cut corners...

[Bang! Crash! Bang!]

Vector: What a joke. I’m pinning my hopes on humans...


PP90: Vivi! Vivi, are you still there?

Vector: For the time being. I might not be in the next couple of minutes.

PP90: Hey! You said you’d tell me if you couldn’t hold out!

[Crash! Bang!]

Vector: Well, I’m telling you now, aren’t I?

PP90: Vivi, you - ahhh, forget it! The Commander’s broken through the zombie doll encirclement, everyone’s starting to retreat!
Vivi, get out of there and follow us!

Vector: Oh, really? I’m not a fan of plot developments like those, but maybe it’s not too bad today.

[Vector puts her weapon away and prepares to unlock the safety tunnel behind her.]


[There is some static on the line.]

PP90: Huh? Did you say something, Vivi?

Vector: Were you bothered by it? You don’t need to pretend, besides-


Vector: ? ...PP90?

PP90: I… I can’t hear… Vi...

[Suddenly, the room where Vector is in begins to shake.]

Vector: …! Dammit! PP90, do you hear me? Something… Something’s coming over!

PP90: Vi… Did you hear… our side suddenly… careful...


[After an unknown amount of time has passed.]

Vector: Urgh… what’s that noise…!

[Vector opens her eyes and finds that the walls of the warehouse have been destroyed and the zombie dolls have surrounded her.

Vector: …PP, do you hear me?

[There is no response, only the howling of the zombie dolls.]

Vector: In the end, I’m not even going to get a cliched ending like that...

[The zombie dolls slowly close in, and with no way to retreat, Vector stands back up and relocks the safety door leading to the interior of the base.]
[And then, Vector puts her weapon down.]

Vector: Still, this does suit me very well, dying in a corner without knowing what’s going on… If I’d known this would happen...

[Bang bang! Bang bang bang!]

Vector: …!

[Bang bang!]

White-Haired Human Girl: Hey, you alright?

[The white-haired human girl wipes out the surrounding zombie dolls in an instant with a powerful weapon, and then walks over.]

Vector: I’m fine, are you along?

[Vector approaches the girl.]

White-Haired Human Girl: Huh? Is that the first thing you’re going to say to someone who saved your life? Granted, I am alone...

[Vector raises her weapon and points it at her.]

Vector: Your name.
White-Haired Human Girl: You! What the hell are you doing!?

Vector: I repeat. Your name.

White-Haired Human Girl: Tch… listen. First, if I had a mind to attack you, you’d be a goner for sure. However, I’m not as unreasonable as you; I don’t point my gun at people without even a word of thanks...

Vector: Thank you. Now hurry up and tell me your name.

White-Haired Human Girl: …Kiana.

Kiana: Kiana Kaslana! How about that, you happy now!? If you must know, I don’t just go around telling people my name!

Vector: Who sent you.

Kiana: Hey! I’m not your enemy! Otherwise why would I save you!?

Vector: You might be the mastermind behind these zombies, who saved me to win my trust and find some way to learn about Griffin. While I’m not interested in currying favor with others, I’m still a doll who’s officially employed by Griffin, and I have to adhere to its confidentiality guidelines-

Kiana: Wait wait wait! What the hell are you rambling on by yourself about? What’s all this about Griffin and dolls? You look so cute but you talk like a robot. Also, they aren’t ordinary zombies, they’re the Slain!

Vector: The Slain... ? What are those? Also, how do you know?

Kiana: More importantly, do you hear that, the footsteps of the Slain? The next wave of attacks is coming. You can follow me or stand here with that SMG of yours and wait to die. Take your pick.

Vector: … (Given the look in her eyes, she’s probably not lying.)

Kiana: Hey! What are you looking at!? We can talk once we get out of here!

Vector: …I’ll believe you for now. However, don’t expect anything out of me, whether it’s information or fighting power. Go ahead and abandon me if you need to.

Kiana: You really are a weird one… were you… modified or something? You know, mentally… like my friend...

Vector: …

Kiana: Ah, sorry for asking weird questions… In any case, I just want to get out of here, I don’t want to know or take part in anything else.

Vector: Got it. Let’s go.

[Vector opens the passage behind her again.]

Vector: Also, Kiana Kaslana-san… you’re mistaken. I am not human.

Kiana: Huh?

[Vector stands in front of the door and turns around.]

Vector: Allow me to briefly introduce myself. I am an IOP second-generation Tactical Doll, codenamed “Vector”. Kiana-san, welcome to Griffin PMC. I apologize that I am the one to be welcoming you thus… but needs must when the devil drives, so please bear with it.

Kiana: Tactical Doll? PMC? Where… on earth am I...

[That night, the Breakdown successfully descended upon the Griffin-controlled district. The odds of successfully escaping are 0.140747%.]
[Doot doot doot… the number you have dialed is currently in use. Please leave your message after the tone.]

Kiana: Everyone… should be okay, right...