Story/Automaton Annihilation (Part1)/Script

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[1 week after the lightning strike, at Sector S09’s Griffin HQ.]

FN-FNC: ...I see, so you’re a soldier too?

Noel: Mm... I was confused after hearing about things on this side...

FN-FNC: I thought you’d be more fashionable, being from the future and all.

Noel: I, I’m sorry I disappointed you...
Still... you’re willing to believe what I have to say?

FN-FNC: Well, it’s not that I believe it, just that I don’t mind it...
To us dolls, all that matters is completing our mission.

Noel: Dolls... you really aren’t human.
If you’re robots, then do you have rocket punches and jet boosters and stuff?

FN-FNC: ...Do the robots in your world do that?

Noel: Er... well, maybe cyborgs would be more accurate than robots...

FAL: Looks like the two of you are getting along pretty well.

FN-FNC: Ah, FAL, is it time to eat yet?

FAL: There’ll be bread, but let’s talk about the mission first.
SF has been launching frenzied assaults on the surrounding area ever since the lightning strike.
We’ve been getting a lot of casualty reports from the fringes of Sector S09.
Also... there were sightings of someone with bunny ears among the SF units.

Noel: Bunny ears!? Could, could it be...

FAL: It’s hard to believe, but it looks like the girl you were talking about.

Noel: It has to be her! If I find her, I can go home!

FAL: While we don’t know the motives of that bunny girl...
The fact that she’s adding to the trouble like this is causing us a great deal of difficulty.
Since we both have her as an objective, you have no choice but to work with us for now.

Noel: That’s wonderful! There’s hope of going back at last!

FAL: My apologies, Vermilion-san. Please settle down a little.
You’re still under suspicion right now, and we won’t lift the restrictions on your actions.

Noel: Uuu... I’m sorry... I got carried away...

FAL: Our report has identified potential sites for the location of SF’s next attack.
Let’s go, everyone, and bring your eating utensils with you...
“Operation Rabbit Hunt” is about to begin.


FN-49: This, this is Point B... I’ve verified that the surrounding residents have evacuated.

FN-57: Finished checking Point C too. No problems here.

FAL: Very good. Now all we need to do now is lie in wait...

Intruder: An excellent display. I can feel your sincerity already.

FAL: Intruder? Why is it you!?

Intruder: Sorry, but I can’t let you see the “rabbit” just yet.
I trust you won’t mind me filling in for her?

FAL: It doesn’t matter if it’s you or the rabbit. You’re both on our target list.
Just that this time, we’re going to cross your name out ahead of time.

Intruder: Then I thank you for your hospitality. Do treasure this encounter of ours.

First Encounter
[The operation is in progress.]

FAL: How’s the front? Haven’t you settled it yet?

FN-FNC:No, it’s still not time yet! That Intruder’s really hard to handle!

FN-49: All we can do now is weaken her; we’re a long way off from defeating her.

FN-57: I recommend we withdraw for now and slowly deplete her supplies, FAL.

FAL: It can’t be helped. Rest and sort yourselves out - I’ll organize the next attack ASAP!