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Sten MkII Story Quotes


Sten is like a outgoing and kind girl next door, she always emits a lively and kind hearted aura. But deep down she is rather insecure and feels like she is unlucky, she wishes to prove herself in front of her comrades, she behaves and appear to be more outgoing in front of others just to fit in with everyone. As revealed from the artist and evident from some of her quotes, her hobby is also culinary, but mostly in the field of patisserie.

It is worth noting that Sten is one of the few android T-Dolls (If not the only T-Doll) who shows active interest in the Commander's current relationship status, eventually showing interests to further progress the relationship with the Commander, even though she is a complete different type of sentient entity.


Upon beating the tutorial stage 1-1, a Sten T-doll will be rewarded to the player, to many players she is the first 3* T-doll to join their echelon. Combining decent HP pool, evasion and easy expansion, she is definitely a good T-doll for new player to level during the early game stage.

Story Involvement[edit]

Sten had interaction with the main story line, primarily as a member of Palette.


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Palette Squadron and File 36[edit]

A makeshift squadron was put together for SMG RO635Thumb button.pngRO635  to assist her in completing an assignment, the squadron goes by the name Palette.

RO was assigned to G&K with the mission of recovering "File 36". Sten and two other T-dolls, HG Type 92Thumb button.pngType 92  and MG AAT-52Thumb button.pngAAT-52  assembled together just for this mission. According to Type 92, RO's temporary adjutant, they are all misfits within G&K, hence the name Palette fits them quite well, with all their colourful personalities. RO's command module was meant to be tested and fine-tuned by leading this "Bad Company". She also gained quite a lot of experience and friendship while commanding this band of misfits.

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