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Guide:Main Screen

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* Tap your player name at the top left to bring up your profile.
* Tapping either of the plus signs (to the right of your current resources, in the upper right, or to the right of your current diamonds, in the upper left) will direct you to the microtransaction store.
* At the bottom right of the screen, there are seven is a row of buttons. In order from left to right, they are Login Events'''Event''' which is a login event, '''[[Quests|QuestsQuest]]''', '''Mail''', '''Shop''', Store'''Rank''', Storageand '''[[Guide:Friend_Menu|Friend]]'''. The final button is a toggle that displays two other buttons, Collectionfor '''Index''', '''Armory''' and '''[[Guide:BasicsMain_Screen#Settings|SettingsSetting]]''', respectively.
* The display at the bottom left of the screen shows limited-time events. The amount of time remaining in days and hours is displayed above the graphic.
* Tap the [[Guide:Basics#Timers|triangle]] at the far left of the screen to bring up a screen that the [[Guide:Main_Screen#Timers|timers tab]], which shows the current status of your echelons.
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* '''Story cutscenes''': played only once or play every time. (If the left option is highlighted, then story cutscenes will not be played for a map after it has been cleared.)
* '''Automatic resupply''': echelons are automatically resupplied on beginning a turn on either a helipad you control or your HQ.
* '''Bullet time''': enable bullet time (time slowdown) while moving T-Dolls in battle.
* '''Autolock''': whether the first T-Doll of each kind you acquire should be automatically locked.
* '''Skill Cut-ins''': whether to show skill cut-ins during battle.
* '''Damage protection''': whether T-Dolls that become heavily damaged during battles should automatically retreat. Note that this will not activate for any T-Dolls already heavily damaged before entering battle.
* '''Battlefield information''': whether or not to display a ticker reporting on battlefield events on the combat map.
For the latter four options, the option is '''enabled''' if the left button is selected and '''disabled''' if the right button is highlighted.
* '''Logistics support:''' whether to send a notification when a logistics support mission completes.
* '''Stamina:''' whether to send a notification when you reach the stamina cap.
* '''AutobattleIndependent Operation:''' whether to send a notification when an autobattle mission Independent Operation completes.
* '''Repair:''' whether to send a notification when a T-Doll finishes repairing.
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* '''Commander level'''
* '''Progress to next level'''
* '''AideAdjutant:''' the player's current aide adjutant (the character which appears on the main menu). Players may tap this to set their aide adjutant independently of their echelon setup(or any acquired T-Dolls or Fairies in English version).
* '''Collection rate:''' the percentage of unique T-Dolls the player has seen
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