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T-Doll Types
=== T-Doll Types ===
There are different types of Tactical Dolls (T-Dolls for short) each with their own usage. However each T-Doll had their own stats that makes them unique to another of the same type.<br/>
[[File:Icon HG 2star.png]] Handguns, provide support in the Squad as they provide buff surrounding them. Combat-wise they do little damage and very fragile.<br/>
[[File:Icon SMG 2star.png]] Sub-machine Guns had high evasion and attacks enemies in the frontline, this makes them good for soaking damage despite their poor accuracy. They provide buffs to Assault Rifles (AR) <br/>
[[File:Icon AR 2star.png]] Assault Rifles had general stats which makes them good in squads, they'll attack enemies in the backline. They provide buffs to SMGs or to another AR (which is rare)<br/>
[[File:Icon RF 2star.png]] Sniper Rifles had the highest firepower but had a high delay, they'll attack enemies in the backline. Due to their poor evasion stat and RoF (rate of fire) it is wise to put them in the back lines. Provides buffs to HGs that boost in increasing their skill trigger. <br/>
[[File:Icon MG 2star.png]] Much like the RF except they had high RoF and attacks the enemy in the front line. The downside is they had a "cool-down" which they must reload everytime they attack. They provide no buffs to any other T-Dolls<br/>
=== Tactical Map ===
[[File:battle map.png|thumb|450px]]

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