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Logistic Support

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The Logistics Support interface can be accessed through the [[Guide:Combat_Menu|Combat]] menu. There, players may send up to a max of 4 echelons on logistics support missions, which complete after a set amount of time, yielding a fixed amount of resources as well as a chance of obtaining '''ONE''' one of the indicated item rewards upon completion.
== Requirements ==
Logistic Support missions have a few requirements to take note of:
*You must unlock the respective chapter in order to unlock the Logistics set for that chapter, so in order to unlock the Logistics missions for chapter 10, you must have Chapter 10 unlocked as well.
*The assigned echelons leader must meet the missions minimum level requirement, the other members levels dont matter, but shouldn't be disregarded which will be explained further down.
*The assigned echelon must meet the minimum member count in order to run the mission. Note that from Mission 22 [5-2] onward, your logistics echelons must consist of a '''FULL TEAM''' of 5 members.
*Mission ID's and their codes (0-1 for example) as well as the time it'll take for the mission to complete.
*Echelon requirements for both the leader and member counts. Level requirement only matters for the '''LEADER''' of the echelon.
*Resources gained for the mission as well as their '''Great Success''' resources gained. Base resources will be on the left, whereas Great Success resources gained will be in bracketson the right.*Items will also be listed for their respective missions. Missions which have 2 items as possible drops, will only yield one or the other, not both. Do also note that item drops have their own individual drop ratesso you may not always get the indicated item upon completion of a mission unless the mission in question resulted in a '''Great Success''' which guarantees one of the indicated items as a reward.
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